Mondo Gallery Report – Game of Thrones Show

Aaron Rainbolt and I took a trip down to the Mondo gallery on this rainy day to check out their latest Game of Thrones show. As soon as we stepped to the door, the rain stopped. That was a good sign.

Stepping into the door, we were immediately greeted by waiters who were carrying delicious pork, sashimi tuna, some kind of hard boiled egg with quail on top, and more. As well as the delicious food, we were served Iron Throne blonde ale from Brewery Ommegang. The beer was quite a delight in the fact that it was completely smooth and refreshing. Let me say that I do consider myself somewhat of a beer connoisseur, and I am not just saying that the beer was good. For those in Austin, Spec’s should be having some of this beer on their shelves next week. I would recommend picking some up if you get a chance.

As far as the art goes, we saw plenty of originals, a lot of giclee`s, and very few screen prints. One piece in particular, a $15,000 piece that took up an entire wall, was incredible. Instead of reading me describe the pieces, you should check out the photos below for more info.

Overall, I would consider the Mondo Game of Thrones show a huge success. Congratulations to the Mondo team once again for hosting a great show. Hopefully if you are in town before the Stout/Taylor show, you can make it out to enjoy viewing some fantastic art.


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