Mondo Art Gallery Presents Originals: A Fine Art Show


Originals: A Fine Art Show

Since the opening of it’s first exhibit in March of 2012, which featured sci-fi based pieces, Mondo has been churning out a steady stream of exhibits from their Austin-based gallery space. With each new show, Mondo Gallery has continued it’s success at staking it’s claim as one of the preeminent producers of pop-culture artwork.

This past year, Mondo took a leap of faith and opened their first exhibit featuring only original paintings: Jason Edmiston’s Eyes Without A Face. The enormous success of that show was refreshing and seems to have given Mondo Gallery the confidence to keep attempting more of these unique concepts, including this past July’s exhibit, Sonny Day’s Mind Intern.

Tonight’s gallery opening, Originals: A Fine Art Show, showcases a talented roster of artists tackling completely original concepts of their own choosing.

Check out the gallery opening:

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