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Disney/Pixar’s newest hit, Coco, hit theaters on November 22, and centers around Dia de los Muertos- a holiday that focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey in the after life. As usual with Disney and Pixar, the film is appropriate for children and adults and has humor for both. Over the holiday break I took my sons to see the film and then asked them some questions about it. Below you will find their review of the movie as well as my thoughts.

Tree by Stacey Aoyama

(NOTES: “RS” is me, “ES” is my 9 year old and “MS” is my 6 year old)

RS: So, how did we like the movie today boys? (internal monologue: that’s a silly question. The credits hadn’t finished from the first showing when they asked it we could just buy tickets for the next screening getting ready to start.)

ES: I LOVED IT!! (He yelled it at me- so i’m visually yelling it at you)

MS: Are you sure we can’t go back and see it today? (I guess that means he liked it)

I am also completely enchanted with this movie. I don’t want to say it’s the “best” Pixar film (because everyone likes something different (for example my husband likes Cars 2… bless him)) but i’m not gonna tell anyone that says it’s their new favorite that I don’t understand why.

RS: What was your favorite part?

MS: It can be very silly, and very sad… I loved the whole thing.

ES (EDITED TO REMOVE SPOILERS): a part near the end with Miguel’s family after the big thing happened.

This movie is in fact silly and sad as my youngest said. You will laugh, and you might even be brought to tears. During the movie MS crawled onto my lap and kept turning his head from me. It took me a moment to realize that he was crying and trying not to let me know. I took his hand and let him touch my cheek so he would know that I was also crying like a 6 year old. Our hearts broke for Miguel’s family in that moment… but a few minutes later we were overjoyed again… that is a formula Disney and Pixar excel at. It’s really hard to pick a favorite moment in this movie. The story is woven into each part of the movie so perfectly that you think you’re watching some silly joke but later it’s an important plot point. In this movie – everything is important. The scene that stood out the most to me is one you’ve probably seen in the commercials, with Miguel and his dog on the bridge crossing over into the Land of the Dead. It’s a breathtaking moment in the film.

RS: What is your favorite part about Miguel?

ES: The way he plays guitar and sings. Can I take guitar lessons?

RS: …….I’ll think about it…..

ES: I like that he has a good doggy. Can we get..

RS: No… I like that he practices hard and keeps working for what he wants, and how much he loves his family.

The music in this film is a great part of the story. The songs serve more of a purpose than just moving the story along. They are joyous, loving, sad… and sometimes that’s just one song.

RS: You got to learn about a holiday that we don’t know a lot about in our house, Dia de los Muertos, which is really exciting. What is your favorite thing that the movie taught you about it?

ES: You get to celebrate your family and have a special place to see their pictures in your house.

MS: You remember the people you love who have already died and you get to share stories about them. We should ask a family if they’ll let us celebrate with them next year, and we can hear their families stories.

RS: I think that is a wonderful idea.

I love that this movie has made my children want to connect with another culture. To see the beauty in diversity. I hope everyone sees this with their families and then takes the time to talk about the loved ones they lost. The ones saying “Remember Me.”

As a group we decided on 4 1/2 out of 5 Nerdskulls (1/2 off for making my baby boy cry).

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