Bottleneck Gallery’s When The Lights Go Out!

 Bottleneck Gallery’s When The Lights Go Out!

Oh so many nights did I sit in my room as a young’un trying to charge my glow in the dark posters. I even went as far as stealing my parents’ camera to use the flash to get them to charge faster for this impatient kid.

Bottleneck has gathered nearly 60 artists for a show that’s guaranteed to make your soul glow. You won’t need camera flashes or extreme patience to take full advantage of the artwork as the gallery will have black lights simulating the glow in the dark effect! As if that wasn’t enough, there will be glow sticks and other sorts of fun glowee things.

I will say seeing some of the sneak peeks from the artists like Godmachine, Dave Perillo and Raid71, I am floored at the amazing work that has gone into this show. I can’t wait to see them all but from I’ve seen so far, I’ll need to steal my parents’ camera again to get that glow going as fast as possible!

The show starts this Friday, April 12th  2013 @ 7PM Eastern and will end May 1st. Opening Reception: Friday, April 12th 7pm – 10pm , General Online Sale: Saturday, April 13th 12pm eastern


Bottlenecks 8th gallery will be using glow in the dark inks, over 60 artists will be submitting pieces that cover a wide variety of topics and of course Portion of the Proceeds will go to Make a Wish. To this day they are closing in on the $5,500 donation range.

A list of some of the artists in the show.

Dave Perillo
Brad Hill
Mark Englert
Randy Ortiz
Timothy Pittides
JP Valderamma
Mark Lone
Matthew Skiff
Dan McCarthy
Nicole Gustaffson
Brian Luong
Arik Roper
Clint Wilson
Russ Moore
Adam Whitnall
Derek Eads
Justin VanGenderen
Rob Loukotka
Perfect Laughter
Jared Wright
Jess Worby
Alex R. Kirzhner
Justin Anville
Briang Luong
Kevin Luong
Robert WIlson
Rich Rayburn
Ron Guyatt
AJ Masthay
Bruce Yan

Take a look at some of the works already completed and sneak peek from New Flesh!


New Flesh (N.E.)

Florey - Going off on a tangent - Preview

Florey – Going off on a tangent


Raid 71 – 2000


Bruce Yan – Wild Things


Clinton Reno



Craig Drake

Craig Drake – Tron Legacy


Mark Englert – Game of Thrones


Rob Loukotka


Russ Moore

Ale GiorginiAle Giorgini

Culyer Smith

Culyer Smith

David P

Dave Perillo – Time Bandits

JP Valderrama shawshank_full

JP Valderrama – Shawshank

Ben Huber

Ben Huber – Daft Punk


Randy Ortiz


Miles Tsang


Timothy Pittides

Bottleneck Gallery


Neal Russler


Justin Van Genderen


Matt Leunig

glow comparison

Mark Lone



Perfect Laughter

Perfect Laughter


Alice Meichi Li


Strong Sauce Studio
Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, Bottleneck Gallery is a contemporary art space founded by Joe Bouganim, Josh Harris and Arseny Libon.

The gallery’s main focus is to support all emerging and established artists and to bring them exposure in New York City. In turn, we will be donating a portion of all proceeds from our solo and group exhibitions to a variety of charities.

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