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Once upon a time, I made a fantastic trade that truly benefitted both parties. I added to my Star Wars print collection (and nabbed my biggest ISO to date) while David Ford expanded his Aaron Horkey collection. I’m pretty sure we each felt sadness letting our prints go (I know I did), but greater joy at receiving the final products. Anywho, at that time I had no clue who David was. He was just a faceless name on Expresso Beans. Fast forward a year and we’re good friends both deeply immersed in the poster industry. Not just as collectors, but David as a producer and myself as part of a media outlet. So when David approached me about the latest idea for his company Ford Craftsman Studios, I was floored at the scope.

Imagine approaching one of the hottest artist today being commissioned to create artwork for a series of travel posters, each one being printed with a regular, variant, wood variant and most impressively a key line variant. BOOM! David did just that by acquiring the services of Laurent Durieux (check out our interview with him HERE) and offering a series of 6 travel posters!

Check out these teasers of the first poster. Definitely pay attention to the crazy detail.




Laurent’s brother Jack had this to say about the work to date:

…he has launched himself into something of immeasurable detail. This will be the most detailed piece he has ever done.

The print size may vary for each run, but for this first poster, there will be runs of 450 for the regular, 150 for the variant and 10 wood variants. Each print in the series will be 24″ x 36″, but they may alternate between portrait and landscape. That’s all up to Laurent. Additionally, there will be a key line variant, but that won’t be available for online sale. It will only be available at trade shows via Ford Craftsman Studios.

Stay tuned to Nerdlocker for more future reveals from Ford Craftsman Studios. Specifically a kick ass giveaway that we’ve partnered on! You won’t want to miss out on that exclusive!

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