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Back in early 2012, artist Tim Doyle introduced his very first solo art show at SpokeArt Gallery in San Francisco called UnReal Estate. Through his particular illustration style, Doyle presented images of various fictional locales from television shows, often drawn in a darker or more despondent tone than normally viewed through the television. The first show was so popular in fact, that two more UnReal Estate shows have been held, each of which a bigger success than the previous opening.

The success of these shows led to the next step, a collectible hardcover book collecting all the images from the first three UnReal Estate shows, including never-before seen photographs and essays, as well as behind the scenes sketches and process art.

UnReal Estate Art Book Kickstarter

As an artist, I know what I look for in an art book and I want my art book to be that kind of book. We believe Kickstarter is the ideal place to take this project to make sure that every one who wants to get on board CAN do so. This book is already designed, and the artwork ready to print. I’ve been working with designer Dan Grissom over the last year to do all the layout and text, and have already collected essays from several artists and people involved in the screen-printing scene. The printing arrangements have already been made in Canada. Once this project funds, we’re looking at about 6 weeks to have the books in hand, and we’ll start shipping rewards soon after.

– Tim Doyle

Along with the Kickstarter campaign are various rewards levels, including postcards, giclee prints, oversized screen print editions of previous UnReal Estate art, and the actual book itself! There’s also an exclusive screen print being produced just for this Kickstarter, “Thank You For Being A Friend” inspired by the house from Golden Girls.

"Thank You For Being A Friend" by Tim Doyle

For more information, check out the video below, or visit the UnReal Estate Art Book Kickstarter Page, where you can also contribute now!  To check out more of Tim Doyle’s work, visit his website at  To purchase Tim Doyle’s prints directly, visit the shop at


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