Jason Vorhees Is A Killer?


I am a huge fan of the Friday the 13th series (my laptop wallpaper is Jason’s hockey mask). The mythology of Jason is amazing and thanks to Andrew Barr of National Post in Canada and illustrator Mike Faille we have an amazing graphic of all his wonderful kills. I am impressed with the accuracy too, especially the fact they didn’t credit Jason with kills in the first and fifth entries of the series as he did not murder anyone in these films. And their choice to tell this story with Jason’s chronology in mind rather than the order of release date made things flow a little easier. I also appreciate the addition of inanimate objects to the list. To me this only adds to the humor that is typically injected in Friday the 13th movies. I am also glad they did not include the remake. This would have feel like cheating I think. Take a look and let us know what you think! And let us know which horror film killer should be next in getting his own pictorial of kills!

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