Nerdlocker Exclusive – James Rheem Davis Print Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago we did an interview with the madly talented James Rheem Davis. Because JRD is one of the coolest guys on the planet and loves what we do, he donated three prints to be given away to three lucky Nerdlocker fans. And these aren’t just three any-old “oh, I got some extras in the back you can have” prints. They are some kick ass examples of greatness!

Here they are:

The Princess Bride
24″ x 36″
5-color screen print on wood
Limited Edition out of 12
Signed by James Rheem Davis

A Nightmare On Elm Street
18″ x 36″
Regular version
Limited Edition out of 84
Signed by James Rheem Davis

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
16″ x 34″
Regular version
Limited Edition out of 66
Signed by James Rheem Davis

Please take a moment to gaze at that awesomeness! We are super psyched by JRD’s extreme generosity for the fans of Nerdlocker.

As always, here are the rules. Read carefully to maximize your entries! All you need to do to enter is visit our Facebook page here and like the page, then leave a comment in the post. And visit our twitter page here and follow us, then @ reply to us. This will give you a maximum of two entries so far.

Now here’s where we get tricky. You can add to your entries by sharing! On Facebook, simply click the “share” button under the post and tell your friends about the contest. And on Twitter, re-tweet the post to all your followers. You can get one extra entry per day per social media outlet just for sharing! In other words you can have a maximum of 8 entries! In order for us to keep track, you must re-share the original post on Facebook and use @Nerdlocker in your Tweet. If you don’t do it that way we won’t be able to keep track of it.

In summary, one comment per person per entry. But you can enter once on Facebook and once on Twitter for a total of two entries. In addition you can share across both social media outlets over the course of the contest for six more entries. The contest closes Monday (6/4/12) at 12:00 a.m. PST. We will announce the winners on Monday afternoon (again PST). Nerdlocker will randomly select the winners in a lottery. If your name is not in the comments on the Facebook page and we do not receive a reply on Twitter, you will not be in the lottery. So you have until June 4, 2012, Monday at noon PST to enter. Good luck!

To check out more of James’s work and sign up for his mailing list, visit his website here. You can also visit him at his latest venture 20 Eyes Collective. He is definitely an artist you want to keep close tabs on!

Sorry to any of our fans who have won a giveaway from us in the past three months, you are not eligible for this one. We need to spread that Nerdy love! Thanks for understanding.

Stay tuned to Nerdlocker as we have a ton of other things to give away in the near future!


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