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Once upon a time, I bought a screen print for The Iron Giant. The image was really cool, but it was more for my son who loved the movie. But it was at that point I became aware of Laurent Durieux (to read our interview with Laurent, click HERE). Eventually I learned more and more about this fabulous artist, including the fact that he is Belgian and has a twin brother, Jack. To my amazement, I learned that Jack is also a graphic designer and illustrator. So jealous that one family could have two amazingly talented people! But the good times don’t stop there! There is a third Durieux, older brother Thomas, who is also a graphic designer! How can one family be so jammed pack with talent and I’m stuck here barely able to eek out a stick figure? It just doesn’t seem fair. I think I need to eat more Belgian waffles.

But this is where our current story starts. Brothers Jack and Thomas Durieux have started a new venture with Phillipe Romain, found of the advertising and digital agency Shake and publishing house Altitude 100. NAUTILUS ART PRINTS, as the company will be known,

publishes and sells carefully screenprinted limited edition posters that aim to re-interpret great moments of European popular culture. Each poster is the work of an illustrator or a contemporary graphic designer, selected by NAUTILUS according to the artist’s field of work, fame and style.

Personally, I find this idea extremely appealing as I have very little knowledge of European pop culture. I have traveled throughout Europe, even visiting the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels that features a plethora of Smurfs, but still I’d like to know more about non-American nerdiness. Not to mention the fact they aim to utilize and discover the best art talents to accomplish their mission. Sign me up!

To start off this incredible adventure, NAUTILUS has tapped one of the biggest screenprint names in the industry, Laurent Durieux! Here is the debut print for the company:


Journey to the Center of the Earth
Artist: Laurent Durieux
Size: 24″ x 36″
Colors: 9
Edition Size: Open
Price: $62
Signed and Numbered


Journey to the Center of the Earth – Variant
Artist: Laurent Durieux
Size: 24″ x 36″
Colors: 9
Edition Size: 90
Price: $90
Signed and Numbered

And finally, one lucky buyer of the open edition will receive this beauty, the original artwork for the screen print!


Journey to the Center of the Earth
Artist: Laurent Durieux
Original Ink
Size: 7.1″ x 10.6″

Jules Verne has created some of the best adventure stories in history, and clearly Laurent captures the awe and wonder depicted in Journey to the Center of the Earth. NAUTILUS certainly picked great source material to kick off their venture.

These will prints will be on sale at at a future date. Stay tuned to their Facebook and Twitter pages for the announcements. The open edition will be on sale for 72 hours.

Check out the pictures below for more detailed images:

And finally, here’s a teaser of the process:

What do you think of NAUTILUS ART PRINTS and their first screen print? Let us know in the comments below!

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