Guzu Gallery – Strange Beasts: A Tribute to the Japanese Kaiju Phenomenon

Guzu Gallery of Austin, Texas is bringing together a group of artists who will be translating the Kaiju universe from movie and TV fame to screen prints, original artwork and custom toys.Nerds everywhere should be familiar with at least one Kaiju monster from Japan, unless you have been living under a rock for the last 50 years or so. We’re talking of course about the world famous debut of Godzilla in King of the Monsters, as well as those unnatural creatures of immense size like Mothra, Gamera, and Rodan. Let us also not forget the Ultra Series, a collective name for all that is Ultraman and the myriad of Ultra Monsters.

  Gallery Presents

Strange Beasts: A Tribute to the Japanese Kaiju Phenomenon
November 30th, 2012 – December 31st, 2012

Featuring artists both local and national, Guzu Gallery is proud to present their first themed art show, “Strange Beasts: A Tribute to the Japanese Kaiju Phenomenona”. A band of twenty rogue artists has been assembled to defeat… ahem, pay homage to… those mighty, mammoth monsters from the movie and TV screens of Japan. As we speak, kaiju are awakening all over the world. Soon the invasion will begin at Guzu Gallery!

The opening reception will be Friday, November 30th from 7 to 10pm and the artwork will remain up through the end of 2012. Guzu Gallery will have limited edition screen prints available online Saturday, December 1st at Noon CST. (Here)

Featured Artists:
Joshua Budich
Nicole Cantu
Jason Chalker
Tracie Ching
Tim Doyle
Clay “Ferg”  Ferguson
Matt Frank
Paul Hanley
Alexander Iaccarino
Shawn K. Knight
Danny Miller
David Moscati
New Flesh
Jesse Philips
Zach Taylor
Eric Torres
Vincent X. Torres
Nathan Walker
Scott Wetterschneider
Robert Wilson IV

Tim Doyle – “Strange Beast” – 24″x36″ screen print

Tim Doyle – “Strange Beast” – 24″x36 variant printed on metallic silver.
Jesse Philips – “Mecha-Pufnstuff” (H.R. Pufnstuff) – 18″x24″ screen print

Eric Torres + Vincent X. Torres – “The Spaceman From Nebula M78″ (Ultraman) – 24″x36”

Joshua Budich – “A Bigger Boat”, 12″x24″, screen Print

David Moscati – “Ghidora” 19″x 25″ Screen print

Jason Chalker – “Kaijusaurus Cyclopticus” – 3″ toy custom

About Guzu Galley
Opening its doors in February of 2012, Guzu Gallery is the art gallery/ designer toy venture of Austin Books & Comics — a 35-year pop culture institution. The gallery is located at 5000 N Lamar in Austin, Texas and offers fans the chance to view and purchase prints and works from artists across the globe.  Collectible vinyl toys, art books, graphic novels, and peculiar gifts fill out the rest of the loft-like space, creating an unusual atmosphere one has to see to believe.

Guzu Gallery
5000 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78751

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