Grey Matter Art Presents Escape From New York!

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One of the newest poster companies to hit the scene wowed us with their first official print release Cannibal Holocaust by Randy Ortiz. Early last week we teased an image for Grey Matter Art’s latest release, Escape From New York. Check out below for the full reveal!

Escape from New York – Regular
Artist: Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz)
Edition Size: 325
Price: $50
Printed by: D & L Screen Printing

Escape from New York – Variant
Artist: Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz)
Edition Size: 175
Price: $75
Printed by: D & L Screen Printing

Clearly Gabz has hit a home run with John Carpenter’s classic anti-hero Snake Plissken. As a bit of sentimentality, it’s also really cool to see the Twin Towers adorning the New York skyline again.

Here’s what Gabz had to say when first approached about the project:

When Mike Gregory, co-founder of Grey Matter Art offered me an opportunity to work on John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York,” I didn’t hesitate much. My main intention was to deliver something a little bit different from what I’ve been known for until now… something less character based, more focused on the movie’s atmosphere, and true to the original poster artwork. Being a fan of the original and iconic poster, my print also has post-apocalyptic streets of New York City, gang members, and the majestic Statue of Liberty (or what was left from it) dominating the skyline. Except Snake Plissken, in my version is all by himself: tired, hurt, on the run, and fighting against all odds. Perceptive viewers should also notice Snake’s plane crossing the red walls of the New York City prison, and the bottom grid which is intended to be a tribute to visual effects used in the movie

Additionally, Grey Matter Art creative director Mike Gregory had this to say about Escape From New York:

When we had the chance to obtain the rights to Escape from New York, I was very excited and honored to have a shot at it. This movie, in my eyes is a true 80’s classic, which still holds up to this day. Snake is such an iconic character, and I wanted to have this movie presented in a way that does it justice. Being this is the first authorized art poster based on the film, there was only one artist in my eyes that I wanted to take on this project, and that was Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz). Though most collectors are probably used to his multiple character compositions, I think he did a great job that separates this from his other work, focusing mainly on Snake, when he is injured, and at his lowest. Gabz depicted this perfectly, and we are very proud to have such a great poster to release to the public. People have been waiting for this movie to have an official poster for it, and I think this is the one.

Posters go on sale Wednesday, April 30th at a random time between 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. EST. Stay tuned to their twitter account for the notification of the drop. Click here to visit Grey Matter Art’s website.

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