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We are all Nerds here. But Joshua Budich put us to shame with his latest series. We weren’t able to name all the references. Can you?


Scroll down for the answers. BUT DON’T CHEAT!













The titles are as follows (See attached JPG… #1 starts top-left,
going across left-to-right, and then to row 2, and finally row 3)

1. “Oh, my porridge is too hot! Oh, wawawa!” (Insanity Pepper, The Simpsons)
2. “Together at Last!” (Nuts & Gum, The Simpsons)
3. “Precious Venus” (Gummi DeMilo, The Simpsons)
4. “Great twin-suns mornings start with milk!” (Bantha Milk, Star Wars)
5. “Cold banana in delicious brown treat.” (Frozen Banana, Arrested Development)
6. “Funyuns are awesome!” (Funyuns, Breaking Bad)
7. “Ahhh, Dessert.” (Chilled Monkey Brains, Indiana Jones and the
Temple of Doom)
8. “You Can’t Drink Just Six.” (Slusho, Cloverfield/Bad Robot Easter-egg)
9. “Skeletor seems to like it. Bottoms up! ” (Dharma Initiative Beer, LOST)
10. “For children with very little pocket money.” (Everlasting
Gobstopper, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)
11. “If you don’t eat food from this world, you’ll disappear.” (Sakuma
Drops, Spirited Away)
12. “Damn fine cup of coffee.” (Black coffee & cherry pie, Twin Peaks)

Be honest, how many did you get?

Joshua Budich has these 12 new screenprints for 88’s upcoming The Subtle Art of Pop-Culture, Gallery 1988‘s 10-Year Anniversary Show. Each print is a 5-color, 6″x6″ screenprint on French 100lb. Madero Beach paper.

They’ll be just $10 each.

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