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I grew up in the 80’s. Yes I am that old. But the memories never fade and the things that made those memories where usually a game, a toy, an action figure or a cartoon. Anything that would allow me to drift into my own universe. A universe filled with toxic plastic and small parts that can choke you if swallowed, cartoon characters that where not so politically correct and of course action figures galore.

Nerdlocker’s friend Russ Moore has a new show called Figure Eighty that starts this Friday. Also included are Glen Brogan, and 100% Soft for this 3-man exhibition.

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“As an only child growing up in the 80s, I spent a lot of time playing with action figures, and there were so many great lines. That really was the Golden Age of action figures. For me, it was always amazing to go to the store and see all those figures on the pegs with their colorful blister cards. It’s like action figures were my idols and the toy aisle was my church. I distinctly remember the circumstances surrounding every action figure I ever got. Each one represented a powerful moment.

For this show, I wanted to capture the larger than life essences of the figures themselves along with the original blister card art. To me, seeing those two things together is magic from my childhood. Most of the figures I drew are from my personal collection except for a few that I had to borrow, however they are all among my favorites. And if it seems like there’s a lack of heroes in my favorites, well — the bad guys were always cooler.”

Here are a few sneak peaks of what Russ will have for the show. Pictured below is an OG ink (IG88) and the rest will all be 9″x12″ giclees in editions of 20

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