EXCLUSIVE – Tim Pittides newest VICES print OBSESSION



We already know Tim’s VICES series is my favorite art series ever. You can read how enraptured I have about the last year of VICES releases HERE.

Tim’s newest VICES print is nothing short of amazing for two reasons. His skill in being able to draw the women in all of his VICES prints is fascinating and has an old style feeling to it that reminds me of advertising signs from days gone by. And I am a self admitted screen print addict so this one hits home.


VICES – OBSESSION: ADVERT EDITION: 18″ x 24″ eight color screen print featuring 2 Metallic inks. Printed on 100lb Speckletone Kraft Paper. Printed by VGKIDS. Edition of 75. Price: $45.00


VICES – OBSESSION: ADVERT VENEER VARIANT EDITION: 18″ x 24″ nine color screen print featuring 3 Metallic inks. Printed on 2 Ply Maple Wood Veneer. Printed by VGKIDS. Edition of 45. Price: $75.00


VICES – OBSESSION: Art Print Edition: 16″ x 20″ five color screen print featuring Metallic Nickel and blue ink. Printed on 100lb Chipboard Kraft-Tone Paper. Printed by VGKIDS. TIMED EDITION STARTING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH AT 10:30AM CST AND WILL RUN TO SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27TH NOON CST. Price: $25.00

Take a read of what Tim had to say about his latest piece.

This print has been a long time coming. I had it written down on my board since 2015 and every time I attempted to get it down on paper, something was off or didn’t work. The last attempt was started last spring to have it debut in my VICES show that September. Pencils were done and inking was just beginning…. and then a coffee mishap destroyed it, giving me the sign it wasn’t ready to see the light of day (it also gave me the idea for the print “Coffee”, so it all wasn’t bad). Obsession is a vice I think we can all relate to in one form or another, and this take is one I am sure a lot of you could identity with (including myself). Quick fact: The lat file model number on the variants is my daughter’s birthday, my new obsession.


All 3 versions of OBSESSION go on sale at 10:30am CST on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 25th right in Tim’s webstore located here!

The timed edition will be up until Sunday the 27th Noon CST as stated above.

In addition, there will be sales on ALL remaining prints in his store throughout the day with discounts up to 50%!!!! The sales will be random starting at 10:30am CST and continue until 5:00pm CST.

Tim will tweet out the store links as each sale takes place. Follow him at @pittidesart to not miss out! and YES, HE WILL COMBINE SHIPPING and refund you the difference on SUNDAY once the timed edition ends.

It couldn’t any better than that.

Send pictures of you with your VICES art to info@nerdlocker.com with your name and we’ll feature them on the site!

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