Nerdlocker Exclusive: Mondo’s Craig Drake and Robert Brandenburg Gallery Photos


It’s time again. The Mondo gallery in downtown Austin is bustling with activity. Roman Morales and I can see through the rain a long line has formed outside, and people are going print crazy! The fourth Mondo gallery show is about to open its doors to the public, but unlike the last gallery opening that intimately showcased the work of just one artist, the gallery is now showcasing the work of two completely different artists: Craig Drake and Robert Brandenburg.

While Craig Drake creates prints that look like they are straight out of the cover of an 80’s Duran-Duran album (more specifically, the cover of Rio created by Nagel), Robert Brandenburg creates pieces that very subtly alter original movie posters, paintings and photos.

Interestingly enough, we saw both of these artists’ pieces up at the very first Mondo gallery opening. Craig Drake had his Rachel piece up (now in print form – see below), and Robert Brandenburg had his 20,000 Leagues, er, Sponges Under the Sea up. The Mondo guys liked those pieces so much that they bought the original pieces for themselves before the gallery even opened. Now the public has a chance at some of these artists’ works, but only for a short amount of time! These pieces have very limited runs, and some are even originals.

Check out some of the photos below for an exclusive peek at the gallery showing.

Mondo’s Humble beginnings.

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