Coming Soon: ‘François à l’Américaine’ by Laurent Durieux



Tomorrow, Friday, March 13th Nautilus Art Prints will release the first print in their series based on the films of French filmmaker Jacques Tati.

François à l’Américaine’ is a stunning illustration from Laurent Durieux of a beloved Tati character from his first film, 1949’s ‘Jour de Fête‘.

Durieux brings the joy and spirit of Jacques Tati in this 24″x36″ giclee print. For those in the U.S. and Canada take note, the print will ship from the States so shipping costs will be a little lighter than previous Nautilus releases.

François à l’Américaine’ is a timed edition going on sale for 72 hours starting at 7PM (GMT+1) tomorrow at the Nautilus Art Print site HERE.


'François à l'Américaine' by Laurent Durieux
‘François à l’Américaine’ by Laurent Durieux


‘François à l’Américaine’ by Laurent Durieux

61 x 91,5 cm. / 24″ x 36″ Giclee Print

Timed Edition, Available for 72 Hours Starting on Friday March 13th

Price: 60€ – 65$


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