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Stout fans should prepare to be disappointed…


2012 Championship

In what is easily the biggest heart breaker of the tournament, Tyler Stout’s ‘Avengers’ is eliminated by a mere three votes to Horkey’s ‘Return of the King’. A classic battle to say the least and it just goes to show you that every vote counts.


In a much more decided fashions, 20K continues to roll. If you ever thought for a moment that ‘Reservoir Dogs’ had a fighting chance again Taylor’s masterpiece, just remind yourself that the previous week it manged to knock ‘Halloween’ out of the race, a print that many predicted would win as the fan favorite Mondo print of 2012.


Here’s how the votes broke down this round:


While Stout fans may be disappointed, they have the 2011 bracket to look forward to. I’m already calling for Stout’s ‘Kill Bill’ to be an instant front runner to win for that year. In an unrelated bracket, Stout fans from the Tyler Stout Fan Page on Facebook held their own Tyler Stout bracket earlier this year, and Kill Bill fought its way past ‘The Thing’ and ‘Akira’ to be declared the fan favorite Stout print of all time.


As we are nearing announcing a winner, the 2011 bracket is in the process of being finalized and will be posted sometime this week as a new quest begins to determine the fan favorite print from that year. Good times are ahead for sure!


And Here’s Your 2012 Mondo Championship Finals…

2012  Championship Bracket