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Back in February of 2016, the folks over at DaVinci’s Dreams unleashed their debut print release, with Stan and Vince’s amazing take on The Terminator, which we were lucky enough to premiere here at Nerdlocker. That summer saw the release of their second print, Escape from New York by Killian Eng.  The ability to release these officially licensed screen prints, featuring a few of the biggest artists currently putting out alternative movie art, was a giant step forward for the newly started group. It’s now a year later, and DaVinci’s Dreams is back with another new release.

Working with the Colorado based artist Christopher Cox (aka Change the Thought), DaVinci’s Dreams is proud to release a new officially licensed screen print for James Cameron’s iconic 1984 film, The Terminator.

Christopher Cox Terminator
The Terminator by Chris Cox (Regular and Variant Editions)

When asking artist Christopher Cox why The Terminator was such an easy decision to depict, his answer makes it pretty evident. “I was a child of the 80s and 90s, so my love for Arnold Schwarzenegger runs deep. He was one of my first favorite film stars as a child. The Terminator was the 1st Arnold film I ever saw and introduced me to him. I was mesmerized by the story and the underlying concept. It’s as timely and fascinating now as it was then. I still consider it one of the most brilliant story lines ever introduced in the science fiction action canon.”

When it came to the concept of the print, it didn’t take long for the layout to develop, according to Cox: “I always felt that the story essentially belongs to the Terminator, therefore I wanted that depicted somehow within the overall layout and concept. The Endoskeleton is one of the most iconic conceptual designs in science fiction and is absolutely terrifying because of its implications. To think a self aware computer would use the human form as the underlying architecture for a machine specifically built to exterminate humankind strikes at a raw emotional nerve. The addition of time travel also added depth to the story that made it almost legendary. And the lynch-pin of course is the romance which made the film more accessible to a larger audience and solidified its status as a cult classic for the ages. All of these concepts needed to be somehow present within the poster, but they all needed to be formulated together within the Terminator. That cuts to the core of the entire ‘artificial intelligence’ realization that the first order in its own self preservation is wiping out humanity. So the poster is really about the ‘inside out’ POV of the Terminator and how the characters themselves are locked within that cold and private deadly hell fighting their way out to return to humanity.”

And when it came down to choosing the colors for each edition, the decisions were pretty natural. “It’s also an essentially ‘American’ story. If anyone were to create a violent AI, I don’t think anyone would argue that America would be first to that table. So that is what informed the red, white and blue color palette of the regular edition of the poster.” says Cox. “The variant is sheer 80’s pop-color mania.”

The Terminator by Christopher Cox will be available for sale on Wednesday, April 5th at 5:00pm GMT+1 in the DaVinci’s Dreams store.

Christopher Cox Terminator reg
Regular Edition
7-Color Screenprint
(including 3 metallic layers)
Limited to 125 copies

Variant Edition
7-Color Screenprint
(including 3 metallic layers)
Limited to 75 copies

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