Cancer Sucks! Help Sophia!


I think we can all agree that cancer sucks. What makes it worse is when a little girl has to deal with the effects, treatments and bullshit that goes along with it. She should be running around outside, jumping into the pool, playing with friends. Doing what children do.

Recently, an amazing print shop, Lastleaf Printing, took a gamble and printed an original design by Laurent Durieux. This particular shop had never printed to the mandatory specifications before, namely size of the print. The results were stunning. The regular is on the left with the variant on the right.


Now what could possible tie these two streams of thought together? The little girl’s name is Sophia. The print shop is Lastleaf Printing. Sophia’s father runs Lastleaf. And they need our help.

Laurent Durieux, a truly amazing artist but more importantly man with a heart of gold, has stepped up and donated a signed AP variant from his US to Europe Air print, the original concept drawing and a companion piece called Leviathan. There are only two Leviathan’s in existence.

Let me break it down visually because this is an unbelievable package.
Artist: Laurent Durieux
Style: Screen Print
Size: 30″ x 20″
Notes: AP Signed & Numbered

Artist: Laurent Durieux
Style: Concept Drawing
Notes: Original

Artist: Laurent Durieux
Style: Giclee
Size: 36″ x 19″
Edition Size: 2

Here are the details to enter to win this amazing artwork. Raffle tickets are $10 each. John Davis of Poster Mountain will handle the specifics of the raffle. If you would like to enter, paypal $10 to Please include your name and SOPHIA RAFFLE in the notes of your payment. Each ticket will be assigned a number on a publicly viewable spreadsheet, hosted here. You may check the spreadsheet anytime, but only John will be able to edit it. The raffle will close Saturday, June 15, 2013. One of Laurent’s children will then draw the winning number, which will be shown on video.

Please support an amazing cause, not to mention enter for a chance at some beautiful artwork.

Special thanks to Laurent Durieux and John Davis for putting together such an amazing fundraiser.

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