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So, my wife and I took a road trip up to sin city to see the one and only Billy Idol at the Palms Casino Resort. He was back playing some shows and he kicked off opening night on fire. I have to say, he’s still got it!

On the way back to Arizona on the 93 southbound, I see a “Monster Museum” sign on the side of the road and instinctively swerve over several freeway lanes to barely catch the exit to the unknown. I kept asking my wife, “What the fuck is the Monster Museum? We have to check this out!” We drove about 5-10 minutes and low and behold is Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum located at 1310 Boulder City Pkwy, Boulder City in Nevada. We pull up and head on in giving praise to the zombie Spider-Man sculpture out front.

We meet Jeff, who is behind the counter and he tells us who Tom Devlin is and a little about the museum’s origins. Tom has worked in special/practical effects, makeup and minor acting for film for quite some time. He was also a contestant on the first season of the Syfy’s makeup show Face Off. Jeff stated he, himself was the artist that created the kick-ass zombie Captain America sculpture in the shop, which I loved.

We paid to take the tour and went through not knowing what to expect. It has the vibe of a low budget tour with famous monster sculptures and information cards telling the history of themselves in horror movies. It also features face busts of actors, props and posters from some films. While I felt the museum could be a little better, it was fun to go through and see what they came up with. Jeff did say that they do change it up and bring in new sculptures and props for different horror properties. My favorites were the Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Tarman from The Return of the Living Dead.

You can tell this is Tom’s baby and he’s giving horror fans a unique experience, if you’re into the world of horror. So, if you’re ever in Las Vegas and love horror or enjoy unique roadside attractions, take a little trip over and help support Tom’s Monster Museum. Check out the pics below.

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