The Amityville Horror by N.E. Commissioned, by Odd City Entertainment on sale today @ 3:15 PM CT


The Amityville Horror by NE. Commissioned, sold, and shipped by Odd City Entertainment, on Sale at 3:15 Pm Central Time April 23rd, 2013!


What can one say about the horrors that go through your mind when re-visiting the Lutz home? Back in the day (1979) the original Amityville Horror scared the heck out of me growing up, and then in 2005 the studios saw fit to bring those fears back to the surface. These Prints by N.E. set the tone of how I felt so many years ago. (Both the regular and variant GLOW!!)

When speaking with the Chief Creative Director of Odd City Entertainment’s Roman Morales, he stated that putting this on sale at 3:15 PM  was a must.

We initially did not want to post the time of the drop, but the time 3:15 was so significant to the movie that it had to be part of the drop. -Roman Morales

Odd-City-NE-Amityville-Horror-reg-400x600 Odd-City-NE-Amityville-Horror-Variant-400x600 the-amityville-horror-poster-400x600
Release Date: 04/23/2013 @3:15 pm Central time
Artist: NE
Title: The Amityville Horror
Size: 24×36
Printed by: DL Screenprinting
Signed and Numbered
Regular / Variant BOTH GLOW IN THE DARK!!
Run Size: 225 / 25
Regular Paper: Mohawk Via Vellum Warm White
Variant Paper: French Whip Cream 140 lbs.
Details: 8 Colors w/ 2 Metallics Inks and Glow Layer
Price: $65 / $85

“When I was asked to do a poster for Amityville Horror, I was somewhat hesitant. I know the obvious, and even traditional, way of depicting these movies has always been to predominately show the house as a living thing with glowing windows for eyes glaring back at the audience in a not-so-subtle way. I chose to approach the Dutch Colonial house in a more ambiguous way, to show what had brought the Lutz family to live there in the first place. I wanted to show that the perceived promise of the American Dream outweighed the ominous presence of the structure. To show this, I chose to depict that house as beautiful, an ideal, yet possessing and off-kilter quality. The font for the title reinforced this strange nature by recalling the European posters of the 60′s and the 70′s. Finally, the choice to make it literally a house on a hill was deliberate. After all, that is the view of it from the boat house.” -N.E

A little background about The Amityville home and the families that lived and died there. In December 1975, George and Kathy Lutz and Kathy’s three children moved into 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in Amityville, a suburban neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island, New York. Thirteen months before the Lutzes moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr. had shot and killed six members of his family at the house. After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.

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