It’s almost upon us. WAFFLE CON 2019! And things are heating up as the movie line up is locked in, the posters are getting printed, and the collectibles pile up. Needless to say we cannot wait to dive head first into the deep end of this nerdy pool.

Waffle Con is truly a unique event. Unlike a lot of the larger conventions (we’re looking at you Wizard World) Waffle Con was born out of one fan’s love of cinema and he wanted to include his friends in the experience. Eric Davis literally decided to rent out a theater, show movies he wanted to watch, and enjoy cool artwork from said movies. He flipped the script a bit and kept the movies a secret to add a layer of suspense. What I’m getting at, is in this day and age of capitalism, which seems more and more aimed at taking advantage of nerds, Eric set his price point to break even. I know that’s not a reason to buy a ticket to any event, but it sure makes this nerd feel better to know he’s not being taken advantage of. Sorry about the pontification, just my old man nerd showing.

We can’t tease too much about this year’s film line-up, but here’s a taste of last year’s movies along with some of the great collectibles that came with the event.

If you’re asking yourself why on Earth would I need to attend another convention, we have the answer for you. The creator and organizer of Wafflecon, Eric Davis, can explain it best.

Remember when grass was real? And comics were still only 25 cents? And you rode in the backseats without seat belts? And your parents could drop you off at the movie theater by yourself? You bought a ticket for the Disney movie but snuck into see The Omen instead. Petrified, you loved every minute of it. That is where movies put their hooks in you.

You read the fan magazines, bought figurines and plastered your wall with posters. Oh, the posters. Dirty Harry, Bruce Lee, vampires and half naked ladies or shirtless, curly haired chest shots of your favorite Burt Reynolds characters. You could sit in a dark theater with your friends for hours. The times have changed but the love for cinema is still there.

Why not take the opportunity to reconnect; with the spectacle, the schlock, the speed, the music and the majesty of cinema. Reconnect with what it means to share the experience of the big screen and energy and camaraderie of like minded cinephiles and pop culture freaks. The wait has ended and the time to have your minds blown again is now.

Enter the Mystery Movie Marathon! On Thursday, September 12, sit among the strong of heart and watch 3 movies that represent the best and ballsiest and weirdest that movies have to offer, complete with a dizzying array of swag. Three screen prints, shirt and stickers, enamel pins and other gear to look back on with fond memories and adorn your wall to show that you were a part of rekindling that flame.

Be a part of cinema history, click HERE to purchase your ticket for 3 movies and a ton of other amazing fun, including posters, t-shirts, pins, and all sorts of other swag from artists such as Tim Anderson, Hellraiser Designs, Matt Dye and the infamous Methane Studios.
“Additionally, as a bonus for all weekend convention goers and a treat for all campers for Mondocon, a special line screening. Free for ALL, but swag only for ticket holders”

Wafflecon 2019
5 pm sharp
Violet Crown Cinema
434 W 2nd St
Austin, TX 78701

That’s not enough for you? Here’s a very small peek and of course big hint at one of the movies that will be screened this year.

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