Tranformers: Dark of the Moon Reveal Trailer is Online


I’m not afraid to admit it, I enjoyed the first Tranformers movie. I can’t stand Michael Bay or his over use of explosions, but the first Tranformers movie was a fun ride. Now, just because I enjoyed the first movie didn’t mean I would be first in line to see the second one. In fact, I still haven’t even seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen after seeing the trailer for it because it looked like a typical Michael Bay movie on steroids. (The fact that it won a Razzie for Worst Picture AND Worst Director of 2010 didn’t help its case either.)
Keeping this mind, I am flabbergasted to say that I am actually looking forward to the next installment in the Tranformers franchise. I’ve included the reveal trailer after the break, but it looks different than the other films (especially Revenge of the Fallen.) I know it’s just astronauts on the moon looking through some wreckage, but that’s it exactly, it’s astronauts on the moon looking through some wreckage! There’s no Michael Bay explosions! Take a look at the trailer below and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Opening in 3D, 2D and IMAX theaters on July 1, the third installment stars Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, Frances McDormand, John Malkovich, Ken Jeong, Patrick Dempsey, Alan Tudyk and John Turturro.


That’s Alpha Trion at the end of the trailer, right? The color scheme makes it look like Unicron.

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  1. Wait, so no Megan Fox? That’s enough incentive for me to watch! The worst part about the last two movies was watching her try to act. It hurt my brain.

    1. Totally forgot to mention that there’s no Megan Fox in this movie. She is hot and all, but how many scenes can there be where’s she’s bending over a motorcycle in cut off shorts looking back at the camera..o..oh…no…..i’m drooling again…

      1. Ok, since there were some technical difficulties with my last comment, I’ll try this one more time. I don’t really remember what I said, but I’m sure it was something like, “blah blah, Megan Fox is beautiful, but she’s a “B” word, blah blah, I laughed at her acting, blah blah.”

        Yup. That about sums it up.

        AAAND, after reading this message back to myself, I guess I’m kind of a “B” word too. It happens.