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Hey there nerds, how’s your day going? Probably not as awesome as George Takei’s. – Let’s not mince words here, your day won’t ever be as good as the author behind such gems as Oh Myyy! – There Goes The Internet (Life, the Internet and Everything), and Lions and Tigers and Bears – The Internet Strikes Back (Life, the Internet and Everything), but try to touch this greatness and probably cheer up your miserable cubicle existence by using your next smoke break/coffee break/stare off into space break to check out this nerdtastic top five list of why you should be reading ‘That Blog is so Takei.’

5. Cat Videos- If you stop reading this list after number five, fine. We’re not facebook friends anymore, and I take back half the times I liked your drunk status posts; but you’ve got to watch the near daily gaggle of cat videos he’s posting. Sure you could die without watching cats bob their heads to the latest DJ Snake and Lil’ John hit, but we would never forgive you. If it’s a hilarious video and it’s got cats, chances are Uncle George has put it on his blog.

4. Politics- If you’re like me (awesome) chances are you’re getting 90% of your news from some combination of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and The Daily Show. I get it, we’re busy-ish and there’s only so many moments of sweet, sweet wifi you can jam into your 30 minute lunch break in the local deli. Speaking of which, look up for a minute; what number are they serving right now? I’m #115, and I’ve only got about 11 minutes left before I need to be collating again. Anyway… Takei shares news coverage on a ton of current events on his page, especially anything LGBT or social rights related. Generally speaking, so long as you’re not reading the user comments below, he always is kind in giving his opinions and thoughts on whatever issue he’s talking about. We need that, no matter what side of the issues you’re on, kindness goes so much further than hate speech.

3. If you’ve got a problem, yo he’ll solve it- Tomorrow, as soon as your boss and half the staff yell at you for forgetting the cover sheet on the TPS reports, cruise George’s blog for some serious pick me up material. Dude is so well known for posting the funniest stuff on the internet that people literally stop, collaborate and listen. Fans send him funny memes, crazy pictures and anything else you can imagine; if he finds it mildly amusing he will throw it up there on his page AND he gives the fans the credit for it. Scroll through, and I personally guarantee you’ll lol. If you don’t, you may be a zombie – check your pulse.

2. The Takei Bump- Are you trying to break out into the Trek fanfiction scene? Are your friends not contributing to your new kickstarter? Are you a fledgling nerd writing top five lists in your pajamas? Well bad news; the highly coveted ‘Takei bump’ will probably never be yours, but hey a nerdgirl can dream right? A simple retweet or share and a little enthusiasm from Sulu himself and your blog is off the ground and Good Morning America is calling your parents, asking what it was like to raise such a socially mismanaged child who somehow made their way onto the blog to end all blogs.

1. Humility and Humanity- Dude’s got it in droves. He often holds captioning contests on awkward TOS photos of him wielding a sword with that “Oh Myyyy” face and no shirt.  Plus, it’s not every day that three generations of a family can have a decent conversation on an actor that they all know. Sure, dad watched him growing up with his parents, and I follow his blog because well, see 1-4, but George Takei has a huge heart and there’s nothing we nerds love more than a down to earth, awesome uncle-ish nerd leader. And let me be one of the million followers of ‘That blog is so Takei’ to say- Thank You Uncle George for the endless cat video, semi-appropriate jokes, political viewpoints and nerd acceptance that you show us every day.


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