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Wise to the ways of our witty offspring, we kept our plans a secret until necessary. For us, that was when Biggs and Littles decided bedtime was the perfect time to show us their wild side. Luckily for us all, Fons PR had organized quite the pre-show shindig, and the kids were more than ready to cooperate. One night of sweet slumber can do wonders, and that slumber carried us all gracefully until the next morning.

I wish I had a bugle. Toot-tooting a morning cadence doesn’t quite give you the effect you want, but it got the job done. Soon after our morning routine was finished, we were on our way to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar location. We were on our game that morning, arriving early with two cheery kids.

When we arrived, each member working with Fons PR was warm and welcoming. While the lobby felt a bit overrun, lines for face painting, a petting zoo, balloon sculptures, and a photo booth all seemed to move smoothly. Biggs became a blue cat while Littles received his spots and became a fierce cheetah. Tiny Tales To You! (a local traveling petting zoo)  did a great job sharing a good collection of animals to every child, by rotating animals on each kids lap, and monitoring without being over cautious.

In all, each member of the family found the opening party to be a success.


It takes a certain amount of organizing and time consideration, but the wait was the worst just before the movie. This isn’t really the fault of anyone. Kids are ready to have the best as soon as possible, so for some little kids their patience wore a bit thin.

The movie seemed promising, the cast a little b list, but we were open to something “new”. The credits rolled, and we sat back to enjoy our movie. 


I want to say that I liked it, however here’s the synopsis of our experience with the movie.

Littles was “done” first, at about 15 to 20 minutes in. This was honestly surprising to me. This dude watched, The Wizard of Oz, entranced by Judy Garlands “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Both of my kids finished that. If it’s a relaxed setting, Littles will watch over half, and the rest while rolling in blankets on the floor, or putting silverware in grocery bags.

There was a fantastic and loyal dog. Then we met an angry mean she-cat, and a submissive dim “muscle” cat, who were greedy. Crusoe was a clumsy greenhorn on the ship, and it seemed, in living life as well.
Our main characters were fun, though the lack of true friendship tired me. The wild animals have lived on this island for how long and they’re all basically strangers with consciences.

I got up to trade off with the Man, to find he was all the way in the lobby, so I left him. Biggs soon had to make potty, then asked if she could watch with Daddy. We found both Littles and Daddy dancing and having far more fun in the lobby, so at 45 minutes in, I called it.


I strongly suggest an age range of 9-12, and that the child is well versed in the classics.

Unfortunately I felt that this movie was a light attempt at a 90s animated action/adventure, with little nostalgia.

They lost the fun from the classic, Robinson Crusoe. I constantly found myself daydreaming that a terrier named Wishbone would take over the narration.

“We were getting over a pineapple hangover” seems distasteful for a little kid. Most “witticisms” were far above the age group present, and I don’t really remember a natural laugh from the audience. I felt the writers were trying too hard.

The narration seemed to over-explain in attempt to fill in the lack of action.

Perhaps if we finished this film, everything would have come together smoothly, but until further review, I give this film 2 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


Biggs dancing like a Shining Star.

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