Nerds: Not To Be Reckoned With

 Nerds: Not To Be Reckoned With

Mark Bao has proven the fact that stealing someones things isn’t as easy at it used to be. Recently Mark’s Macbook Air was stolen and that would normally send you into a panic, but he kept calm and went to his desk. Mark was smart enough to use a service like Back Blaze to automatically backup his computer. So he had access to the newly taken photos of the thief and even a video of him doing his victory dance. Of course, it needed to be posted on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

The crook returned the laptop to Mark in hopes that he might have mercy and remove the online content. Mark has stated that he will not be taking down the video. Obviously, he needs to learn a lesson and that lesson is: Don’t mess with Nerds. We will reciprocate with a vengeance from the deepest depths of hell. Or royally embarrass you in front of over 300,000 people.

After the Macbook was stolen, he went out and bought a new one. Now that he has two, he has decided he is going to sell the old one and donate the proceeds to the Red Cross Japan Fund(we all should). You can get more information on the 18 year old entrepreneur and non-profit founder on his website. [Mark Bao]


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