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I could say that I won’t be biased when I write this but that would just be a damn blatant lie. This Boston bred band is one of my all-time favorite musical acts and to pretend I won’t judge their new album accordingly would be dishonest and I won’t do that, not here at least. I am writing this after I listened to the new album with an already preconceived notion that I would love it and maybe that makes me enjoy it more but so be it. This album is top notch in my eyes or rather ears since that’s more of an apt description of listening to music. It’s what I both wanted and expected from them; honesty, a certain element of rawness combined with anger and uplifting messages. VOID showcases and speaks of happiness and hope and the need to continue on; the next minute Vanna’s songwriter and front man Davey Muise is screaming in agony about loneliness and disgust of those around him. Some might see this as indecision to come up with a central theme but I see it as life and its tendency to not always be perfect or always terrible.

Vanna live

The album starts and doesn’t really give in until the final moments of its last track. The titular track, “VOID” begins with an exclamation that we are empty vessels stumbling along in our lives. He speaks with earnestness that everything is going to hell and we as a species capable of changing things is simply ignoring everything going wrong. This theme of terrible people or walking cancers as he likens many to, continues until we reach the fourth track titled, “Digging.” This track takes a turn toward the light despite all of the abysmal chaos in the world. With all that is wrong, he speaks of all that is right and worth sticking around for. “Don’t write your ending…” is something he cries out in hopes that someone in pain will hear him. This track is about the permanence of suicide and all the things missed out on if you go through with it.

Pure Noise

Immediately following this the tone turns back into a still honest but possibly difficult thing to hear with “Yuth Decay” about the current youth of the world and its indifference to seemingly everything around them. Now, although this is filled with pain and anger there is a need to find something better rather than just giving in to the bullshit of the world. In the end VOID passionately pleas to its listeners about taking life into your own hands. To take life on rather than let it take you; don’t wait for life to begin is the message here. They never deny that it won’t be hard along the way but well worth it in the end.

Vanna group photo

With all the passion, blood, sweat and tears poured into the lyrics, without a great instrumental backing, these words would fall on deaf ears. In the past, Vanna’s records have fallen more into the genre of metalcore or post-hardcore. As of late primarily beginning with their previous record The Few and The Far Between they have turned more to a hardcore, even thrash hardcore direction. The aggression is turned up to eleven with faster guitar work and much more chaotic drumming. Everyone in the band does the best work of their careers thus far with VOID and the future looks truly bright for these Bostonians. Despite member changes, Vanna is most certainly in my opinion better than ever. If you are a fan of aggressive and anger filled music with a message then definitely check out VOID by Vanna.

For fans of: The Greenery, Every Time I Die, and Hundredth
Album Length: 35 minutes
Favorite Tracks: Holy Hell, Digging, All American’t
Album Producer: Will Putney
Release Date: June 17, 2014

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Replay Value: 5/ Production Quality: 5/ Vocals: 5/ Instrumentals: 4.5
OVERALL: 5 Nerdskulls

Check out Vanna’s music video for “Digging” below:

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