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Open Windows

I am going to assess this film based solely on its story and structure; how it progressed from point A to point B.; technically speaking, CGI and visual effects didn’t seem to be a very accessible tool maybe due to a limited budget, whatever the reason I’m not sure.

The concept is the most fascinating aspect of this film. Its time of release could not be any better as similar albeit less extreme versions of this are happening in the world of the celebrity right now. Leaked nude photos, invasion of privacy on the rich and famous are a hot topic at the moment. The extremity to which the villain goes in this film is of course where it takes a turn into fantasy. I tried to keep an open mind with this film, I wanted to like it. I went in knowing that visually it might not be the best but I was willing to look passed this. Even with that aside, this movie falls apart from beginning to end. Just when you think it couldn’t get more incoherent and confusing it surpasses all expectations. I like a movie that makes you think, that requires thought long after the credits have rolled. But here… it’s pure confusion for all of the wrong reasons. Had the ridiculous factor not been so far off the charts as it was, I would have hated this movie. Because it’s trying so hard to be entertaining and suspenseful it comes off as hokey and hilarious. I watched it with a friend and we laughed and for this reason alone, I had a good time watching Open Windows.

Open Windows4

I wish I could mention something positive about this but there really isn’t anything to say. The acting is wooden and forced. The visuals, I said I wouldn’t mention but let’s mention them anyway briefly; they’re awful. The validity and believability of the means by which these characters operate are wholly impossible and require complete and utter acceptance from its audience to work. But since it does nothing to earn its audience’s respect or trust, trying to accept what it’s giving you is next to impossible. The technologies these people possess are damn near Star Trek advanced but we’re supposed to believe it’s all possible. I seriously doubt the government even has their hands on equipment like this. As to what kind of film it wants to be, a thriller, a horror or even a drama is the biggest mystery here; that and why Elijah Wood agreed to be in it. Sasha Grey stars in it, yes that Sasha Grey and to put it simply she should go back to what she does best. If you don’t know what that is exactly, Google is a thing.

Open Windows2

I cannot in good conscious recommend this in any capacity other than it’s worth watching with friends for a good laugh. Unfortunately for the creators I don’t think this was their original intent. It’s cheap, unsure of itself and unintelligible to the point that it’s frustrating. It makes you wonder why it was made at all. The fact that the visuals aren’t the best is no excuse for such a mess of a script. It in no way accounts for just how jumbled and ridiculous it turned out. The presentation of the story being shown completely from cameras of laptops, security cameras and other similar devices only hurt the film further. It’s essentially another found footage style of film making. I understand this kind of production is cheap and generally turns out a decent profit but it is not an option in the realm of good film making. I don’t mean to be harsh but I have to be honest here and simply say this is a bad movie. I had a good time laughing at it; make of that what you will.

Open Windows3

Unrated: Moments of strong language, nudity, sexual content, and violence
Run Time: 100 minutes
After Credits Scene: None
Starring: Elijah Wood, Sasha Grey, Neil Maskell
Directed By: Nacho Vigalondo

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Story: 3/ Acting: 2/ Directing: 2.5/ Visuals: 2
OVERALL: 2 Nerdskulls

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