Nerdlocker Movie Review – Looper


Where the hell do I begin?! I suppose the first thing would be to say how insanely amazing Looper is!! By far the best sci fi film since Inception, maybe it even surpasses that. I will have to see this a few more times much like Inception, multiple viewings should enhance the whole experience.

The aspect I think I appreciate most about LOOPER is its intelligence and attention to detail. Every aspect in this time travel action packed film is well thought out and executed beautifully. The story, the characters, the visuals, the acting, the directing, absolutely phenomenal. If you’ve never heard of Rian Johnson you should definitely check out his previous efforts, specifically a movie called ‘Brick’ also starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

As a character that requires multiple actors to play it, two better actors could not have been found. This is Bruce Willis’s and Levitt’s movie all the way. This is a thinking person’s kind of film, and yet is violent and action filled to the brim. This is what movies are all about.

The story is of a man named Joe, he’s what is called a Looper. A Looper is a hitman that executes targets sent back in time from the future by the mafia types. Looper though isn’t just some random meaningless cool sounding name, it’s key to everything. A Looper agrees that a “loop” will happen and must be executed just like any other job. Eventually no matter what the Looper’s future self is sent back in time to be killed by their past self. After the kill the Looper is officially retired and sent off with a great pension and are given a 30 year period to just enjoy life. But, the 30 years will end, and when it does they are sent back in time to be killed by their past self, wow deja vu. The only real rule is to never let your target get away, well that’s exactly what happens when Willis is sent back in time to meet his end. Before he was sent he prepared and caught his younger self off guard. This is simply not an option. The people in charge will do what ever is necessary to tie this loose end. Even if this means killing the future and the past. Young Joe must pursue himself and end this before the others catch up to both of them. Finding sanctuary on a farm with a single mother and her exceptional son Sid he waits for himself to show up. He’s exceptional in ways I won’t say, see this to find out. Let’s just say *Possible spoiler!* he’s a very, very important aspect to the whole story.*Possible spoiler over!*

Through out, the chaos and confusion ensues. If you simply pay attention then you should follow it just fine. This is tremendous film making and really needs to be seen to be believed. Please see this movie, you won’t regret it! One of the best movies of the year!

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world"-Jean-Luc Godard