Nerdlocker Movie Review: Killer Legends

 Nerdlocker Movie Review: Killer Legends

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Killer Legends


Killer Legends

Most stories, no matter how far-fetched contain at least some grain of truth. This is especially true of urban legends. The psychopath with a hook for a hand, razor blades in Halloween candy, the killer of babysitters; these are all cautionary tales to warn the youth of their precarious ways and new found responsibilities. As dark and maniacal as these legends might be the origins of these stories are birthed from a much darker reality. In this documentary, the foundation of famous urban myths is brought into the harsh light of day. Often originating from horrific acts of violence and betrayal it becomes clear rather quickly that these legends may not just be cautionary but in a twisted way they act as a sort of security blanket to protect us from the much crueler realities of human interaction.

Killer Legends2

Two young lovers are parked at “Lover’s Lane” and the nature of their relationship is about to change. As they paw all over one another, the girl hears a noise from outside of the vehicle. The boy is too riled up and convinces her it’s nothing. It’s at this moment she remembers hearing of the escaped convict running rampant in their area. She convinces herself that everything is okay and turns her attention back to her date. But of course she hears the noise again and now there is no chance of romance. She makes him drive her home and all seems okay again. However when the boy exits the vehicle to open her door he sees a bloody hook hanging from it and the realization of their situation sets in. It doesn’t take a genius to see the underlying warning against young, promiscuous sex. But the reality of this particular myth comes from multiple homicides that occurred in and around Texarkana in spring of 1946. The Texarkana Moonlight Murders consisted of attacks on eight people in which five died. The killer was never caught and so the legend carried on and grew beyond the borders of this small community.

The legend of razor blades in candy and poisoned sugary treats for all the little kiddies came from a true tale of a father who poisoned and killed his own son with a Pixy Stix on Halloween of 1974. This man came to be known as The Candy Man which most will remember the horror franchise of the same name that derived its inspirations from this very real psychopath. Despite having claimed his innocence even up to his execution, the legend of The Candy Man and the necessity of checking your children’s yummy Halloween delights were born and continue to this day. Now the idea of someone lacing an innocent young child’s candy with deadly substances and objects is terrifying in its own right. But to add the element of the culprit committing these shocking acts being one’s own family takes this story into an entirely new realm of disturbing.

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The overall point to this documentary is to convey the unlikelihood that these legends ever even happened or will ever occur. That’s not to say that urban myths passed on and exaggerated more with each new telling are the things you should have feared in the first place. The real concern should be in the origins of these stories. It seems that in many cases, humanity in reality is far more deranged than humanity in urban fairytales. They are the reason that you turn on all the lights at night. They are the cause of your unease when the house creaks or was it really the house? They are the origins of unease and uncertainty in an ever modernizing world. So when you hear an urban legend, do not fear the story itself but more so the person actually telling you what you hope to be a work of pure imagination and not emanating from something far more sinister.

While taking pleasure in hearing about actual murder is sick, the documentary manages to tell its stories with actual incidents in a way that is informative but always unsettling. Turn off the lights and watch this at night and you just might have yourself a good fright. (That rhymed and it was totally intentional)

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This documentary is available now on NETFLIX.

Unrated: Contains disturbing imagery and descriptions of violence
Genre: Documentary, Crime, History, Special Interest
Run Time: 86 minutes
After Credits Scene: No
Starring: Joshua Zeman
Directed By: Joshua Zeman

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Story: 4/ Directing: 3.5/ Visuals: 3.5
OVERALL: 3.5 Nerdskulls

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