Nerdlocker Movie Review: A Good Day to Die Hard


John McClane is back! Sort of, mostly just his name makes a return. The rest of the McClane we all knew is nowhere to be seen. I wish someone could tell John Moore and the rest of them that this character isn’t Jason Bourne! He’s supposed to be foul mouthed, haggard, hungover, and sloppy and just all around pissed off. For the most part he is angry and curses every now and then but it just isn’t the same. We saw this change start to happen in Live Free or Die Hard but ultimately I felt that one came out alright. This one is just sort of another action film starring Bruce Willis.

This time around we find our beloved hero John McClane in search of his son Jack. He hasn’t seen or talked to him in several years and wants to at the very least make sure he’s okay. He finds out that his son is in Moscow, Russia and isn’t exactly doing well. Jack has been arrested for an attempted assassination and is scheduled to appear in court soon. Wanting to be there for his son whether Jack wants him there or not, takes a flight to Moscow for a supportive role as the father. Yeah! John f*cking McClane is just going to sit back and watch! Hopefully the sarcasm came through there. Anyway as John arrives his spidey cop senses begin to tingle when he notices some suspicious vehicles roaming around the area. Sure enough, not long after court begins an explosion rips through the courthouse and everything begins to descend into anarchy, as it does when McClane is in the area. The bad guys are here and of course John is the only one who can stop them.

The bad guys are there for a man that showed up to court with Jack, he has some “file” or something. It’s really not important why they’re even around, I guess because John needs someone to kill. John quickly learns that Jack isn’t exactly what he seems to be, he is in fact an operative of the CIA and aims to get this fellow prisoner out of the country. John shows his face and screws everything up and now the only way out is to shoot and kill all the Russians. Why not, right? There are some other details I could include in this but they’re irrelevant as is most of the film.

Bruce Willis in an action movie where he kills everyone, not exactly groundbreaking but for a forgettable fun time at the theater I suppose this is an option. Do not expect to see the same McClane from the classic original or really any of the first three films. This is a polished shell of a character that frankly just needs to retire already. If he was as we once remembered him to be then I would say continue on but such is life. People take something you like and crap all over it. It’s an enjoyable film for the most part but so pointless. As an action film it’s decent, as a Die Hard film it sucks. I say see it if nothing else playing interests you, otherwise wait for the rental.

Ratings out of 5 NERDSKULLS:

Story: 1.5 / Acting: 2.5 / Directing: 2.5 / Visuals: 3.5

OVERALL: 2.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls

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