Nerdlocker Movie Review – Argo


The fake movie that never was. Until 1997 this was thought to be a Canadian operation that rescued six American lives during the Iran hostage crisis of 1979. Once President Clinton declassified the operation the story painted a very different picture of what actually happened. With the assistance of the Canadian government and the CIA they put into place an idea so ridiculous it’s nearly impossible to believe.

The Plan: A film crew of six visit Iran as a scouting expedition for a science fiction film titled Argo. Led by Ben Affleck the “film crew” scout the area getting ideas of where they want to shoot this film. Learning the fake backgrounds provided by the CIA they begin their journey to the Tehran airport where hundreds of militia stand between them and freedom. Needless to say the room for error is zero and if they are found out they die publicly and badly. With every possible outcome accounted for including a fake office in L.A. pretending to be the Studio 6 office, the “funding” of the film, the mission is a go. The next few hours are tense and feel as if one is walking on a tight rope with no net.

With the leadership of a CIA operative that is now considered one of the most important agents in its history, the operation while tense is in good hands. They pass one checkpoint with no problem. The second however is much more scrutinized and they must now rely on their knowledge of the fake backgrounds they learned only hours before. With the confidence of the operative (Affleck) they band together and make it through, but barely. As the plane is lifting off their true identities are found and the militia begin to chase the plane down on the runway. But in the nick of time they lift off into safety. A weight is immediately lifted and they, after nearly three months of hiding in a country being overrun by violent protesters who want their head, they can breathe a sigh of relief.

This was never meant to be known, no celebrations or awards for the heroics of a few were to ever see the light of day.

With the excellent direction by Affleck, this movie progresses with little action but the intensity never lets up. This along with wonderful casting such as Alan Arkin as the take no shit Producer this is truly an Oscar worthy movie all the way.

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world"-Jean-Luc Godard