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Having been done so many times in the past by iconic films such as The Italian Job, Heat, and Ocean’s 11 it is difficult to make a truly original heist film these days. While 7 Minutes will never achieve the same success as those quintessential heist films, it offers a unique take on the genre while also wisely incorporating some of the best elements of past heist films.

7 Minutes is the story of Sam (played by Luke Mitchell), a high school football star who was never able to achieve his athletic dreams due to an injury. He is forced to resort to selling drugs after being laid off from his legitimate manufacturing job. While Sam’s girlfriend Kate (Leven Rambin) does not know that he is dealing drugs, she does know that Sam is coming home late at night after hanging out with his brother Mike (Jason Ritter) and his best friend Owen (Zane Holtz). An incident with the police causes Sam, Mike and Owen to become seriously indebted to a dangerous drug dealer named Doug (Chris Soldevilla). They are forced to devise a plan to come up with $60K in 48 hours. A plan for the heist is developed and they are confident that as long as they achieve their goal of “seven minutes and out” there is nothing that can go wrong. When complications arise during the heist, the plan falls apart and Sam, Mike and Owen must do everything they can to make it out alive without being caught.


The story is told through a series of flashbacks that work well in the beginning but the constant jumping back and forth in the film’s timeline gets a bit chaotic and doesn’t work as well as it does in other movies such as Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Memento. The way the story develops feels very reminiscent of a Guy Ritchie film because by the end of the movie all the separate characters and storylines have combined into one adrenaline packed finale.

Being released in theaters, VOD and iTunes June 26 from Starz Digital, 7 Minutes is an exciting addition to the heist film genre that offers a unique story told with a unique style which is certainly worth the price of a rental/purchase. You can rent 7 Minutes online – HERE

I give 7 Minutes, four out of five Nerdskulls.

Check out the trailer below:

7 Minutes
Director: Jay Martin
Writer: Jay Martin
Cast: Jason Ritter, Kris Kristofferson, Leven Rambin, Luke Mitchell, Zane Holtz, Joel Murray, Russell Hodgkinson
Genre: Crime/Drama/Thriller
Run Time: 92 minutes
Release Date: June 26, 2015

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