Nerdlocker Movie Review: 21 & Over


This has everything you’ve ever seen in any party film all thrown into one giant, generic, pointless film. From the writers of The Hangover, I think they need to quit their day jobs. When you are ripping off elements of a film that you wrote then I think you should go back to the drawing board with your so called script. This felt like one of those straight to DVD movies that somehow sneaked by the studio and made its way to the big screen. Oh he said f*ck! That’s hilarious! She flashed her boobs! This movie is edgy! That is pretty much the entire concept for this pathetic effort.

Jeff Chang is turning 21 and his best friends have shown up at his college to take him out for a good time. Miller and Casey have known Chang for years but for a while now they have been growing apart. They see this as their night to reconnect through a slew of binge drinking and darts. They surprise Chang but unfortunately are met with bad news; Chang has an interview for a very prestigious medical school at 8 a.m. the following morning. Miller being the terrible friend that he is instigates until they agree to go out for some drinks. Miller is the asshole of the group, everybody has that friend, they’re an asshole but they’re your asshole. He is pretty much the cause of everything that happens over the period of a single night.

They go from bar to bar getting absolutely wasted in the process. Before long they realize they have no idea where they are. They are from out of town and don’t remember where Chang lives. Chang is unconscious and thus is completely useless. They go to sororities in the surrounding area and ask if anyone knows where Chang may live. This is most of the movie, them asking random people if they know Jeff Chang and where does he live. In between they get into shenanigans left and right. From an angry mob of Latina sorority girls to wild buffalo roaming the school grounds it’s just a drunken good time. Although they have a deadline they still make the time to get close again. Each guy thinks the other is doing well but learns that isn’t the case. Casey is already losing his youth to a life sucking job he doesn’t even have yet. Miller dropped out of college nearly two years prior and works at a gas station. Chang is failing school, he doesn’t want to be a doctor but his strict father will accept nothing less. They take this news and put it to the side for just one night of debauchery with the fellas. In the morning the time comes for the interview and Chang finally for the first time stands up to his father by saying he won’t go to medical school. They all become best friends again and all ends happily ever after in a nice neat bow. That’s how life works doesn’t it?

Seriously just look elsewhere for a movie to watch. If you see this movie you’re going to have a bad time. It has its funny moments but for a comedy it is not effective. It leans way too much on things we have already seen in previous films similar to this one. I guess when they made this they hoped everyone themselves would be intoxicated much like the characters in the movie. Sorry but I was sober and thought this was shit. There really isn’t much else to say about this as there wasn’t anything memorable about it to recall. It has nudity, cursing, a lot of “bro” love, and alcohol abuse, woohoo. Like I said this should have been a straight to DVD movie at a price of five dollars, at most.

Rated R for: crude and sexual content, pervasive language, some graphic nudity, drugs and drinking
Runtime: 93 minutes
After Credits Scene: None

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Story: 2/ Acting: 1.5/ Directing: 1/ Visuals: 2

"Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world"-Jean-Luc Godard