Nerdlocker! – Legoland Star Wars!

 Nerdlocker! – Legoland Star Wars!

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting Legoland in San Diego, California. It was for my son, honest. Anywho, upon arrival, we were greeted by a sand display for Star Wars. Most Impressive! After several minutes ogling the sand, we bee-lined to Miniland, the area reserved mainly for city replicas (including Las Vegas, New York and Washington D.C.) and of course the small slice of heaven that showcases select scenes from the Star Wars universe. Needless to say it was awesome. Yes, even the prequel set ups. I was also impressed they included a scene from the extremely underrated Clone Wars animated movie.┬áMy pictures below don’t do it justice. Also check out the LegoLand website here for their webcam of the exhibit. I highly recommend visiting the Star Wars exhibits at Legoland California if you’re in the area.











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