Nerdlocker Exclusive – Fantastic Fest Day 1!

Rainbolt reviews his first day of films at Fantastic Fest 2011!

5:45 pm

HAUNTERS is a south Korean movie that is directed by Kim Min-suk, who has been previously known as a screenplay writer and director for the FF classic, The Good, the Bad, the Weird (another awesome movie that lives up to its title, weird). As the characters grab your attention, you never really learn names until you meet the villain and hero of the movie. That hero being Gyoo-Nam. His character is a simple minded junkyard worker with lots of bad luck and two very cool friends. The villain is Cho, who had a brutal childhood that included both parents trying to kill him in his youth because of his misunderstood gift. This is a movie about a twist on superheroes, and how an apparently ordinary man can be EXTRAordinary. It is not a horror movie in the traditional horror movie sense; it has more comedic moments then scary moments. But it took me by surprise, and having to sit in the very first row to watch it didn’t stop me from being riveted to the big screen. Kim Min-suk kicked my ass at all the right moments. I will be keeping my eye out for this director.

9:00 pm

Watched Human Centipede 2 with Elijah Wood doing the slightly disturbing Yo Gabba Gabba! Puppet Master Dance before the screening, which was very surreal and fun. But seriously, Human Centipede 2 was not even worth writing about; it’s really too over the top. It was funny in a noxious sort of way. I found myself looking around to make sure others where laughing too. Six did not disappoint in shock, but that’s why I nervously laughed through most of this film. As we slowly walked out of the theater we noticed full plates of food and in one instance a whole pizza untouched.

A question was asked by a friend of mine directed at Mrs. Ashlynn Yennie as we walked out of the theater. “Why would you agree to that film?” She nervously smiled and signed someones HC2 barf bag and said “I like working with Tom Six, he’s great.” I was expecting her to say it was because of money. I felt rather silly.


MANBORG was a slow Canadian cheese factory from Astron-6, and I dug it. Steven Kostanski’s ultra low budget sci-fi-vampire-cyborg-kung-fu-arena-fighting-Nazi-themed movie was perfect in all the right areas that kept me entertained. The stop motion was awesome and the cheesy acting was spot on, and this is what his goal was, according to Steven who did a brief Q&A before the movie. In the future, Hell has risen from below and taken over the Earth, led by the evil Count Draculon. It takes a small group of humans named Justice, Mina, and Number 1 Man to join Manborg in his battle against Count Draculaon to free the world of his…wait, I digress. A small group of humans in the future resist against Count Draculon to free the world when Hell has risen from below…the storyline is ultra kookey and jumps around so much. But after the first 30 minutes I figured I better give this a chance I’m already halfway though it. I’m glad I did. It reminded me of those late great ’80s movies with green screens and non-console video games. Astron-6 is a small production company from Canada that develops, produces, and distributes internet content, television programming, and motion pictures.

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