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The Future of Attraction Based Content:


In the world today technology is advancing quicker and quicker pretty much every day. New ideas must be created to bring in revenue to businesses such as the movie industry or more specifically the movie theaters. Some will just call these steps gimmicks and in a way they may be right but I’m of the opinion that if it makes a certain experience like going to the movies even more awesome than I am all for it.


STRATACACHE is a company based out of Dayton, Ohio with some pretty cool ideas up their sleeve. I’m happy to say that I was one of the first to try out their new tech and it was a lot of fun. Enough with the vagueness! They have developed technology that changes the way consumers interact with a certain brand by essentially giving the power, in a way, to the consumer themselves. With their tech called Digital Play you can showcase a high definition interactive product, brand, or game based messages/ advertisements made to respond when a consumer interacts with the content via motion- based gestures. Think of a less advanced version of Minority Report and you have the right idea. Of course they can’t predict the future but hey, maybe someday!

By simply waving your hand or stomping your foot a product can be showcased in a new, vibrant and exciting way never before seen. Here are some bullet points written by them telling exactly what it does and what it is for.
Gestural Interactive Floor: displays content projected onto a 6×8 foot area on the floor that creates an “attract zone” in key retail locations.
Gestural Interactive Wall: displays content onto 2×2, 3×3 or 4×4 video walls of 46” high- definition displays or wall projection technology.
Augmented Reality (AR): engages consumers by overlaying graphics onto a real- world image, helping consumers envision products and make the purchase decision easier. AR is for use with floor projection or wall displays.
Virtual Reality (VR): displays products or services within a virtual environment, using graphics to enhance and contextualize a scene or product. VR is for use on floor projection or wall displays.


For example: At their debut this year at Cinemacon 2013, I was able to play a little video game that acted as advertisement for the new Iron Man 3 film out this May. The game was a first person interactive experience that put you into the armor of Iron Man himself. You are “flying” near I believe it was Air Force One when suddenly drones begin attacking the plane. As Iron Man you must protect the plane and stop these attackers. By lifting your hands you aim them at the bad guys and thrust your hand forward creating a blast from the armor that destroys the targets being aimed at. Then a bigger drone comes out of nowhere and starts firing missiles at you. This being the Iron Man armor it is capable of targeting multiple targets at once and so you start thrusting both hands toward the screen stopping all the missiles and destroying the last drone thus defeating the game. It was short but fun, I also got the high score! WIN!

Before I finished this I wanted to write more about what STRATACACHE is so I thought I would just write what they put on their pamphlet. This is their writing.

STRATACACHE is a privately- held provider of efficient, scalable and cost- effective digital signage, IP video, content distribution and enterprise video acceleration solutions. Working with over 400 of the world’s largest firms in the retail, finance, service, hospitality, manufacturing, media and government sectors, STRATACACHE’s products meet the performance requirements of large- scale enterprise solutions, while immediately providing a significant return- on- investment to the customer.

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