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muppets-most-wantedAnytime I walk into the theatre to see a Disney film, I know I’m about to be in for some feel good fun, and Muppets Most Wanted was just that. However, sometimes when you walk into a sequel of any particular film you go in with low expectations and high hopes because you liked the first one so much that you’re hoping that the second film lives up to its predecessor; even in the first musical number of the film they make a joke about sequels that is spot on. For me there are very few films that can hold a candle to the first, and even fewer that can surpass the quality of the first, however, Muppets Most Wanted held it’s own.

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muppets-character-from-muppets-most-wantedIn Muppets Most Wanted it picks up right where it left off at the end of The Muppets, and right into a musical number full of hilarious jokes poking fun at sequels and trying to make as much money off a hit as possible. Just like The Muppets we see the gang trying to figure out what to do next, and they land on a world tour. Most of the Muppets are ecstatic about the prospect of a world tour, but Kermit has his reservations. With a little convincing from his friends and Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais), but it’s pronounced Bad-Gee, it’s French. Kermit gets on board with the world tour, and they set out in hopes of maintaing their recently revived stardom. In the meantime in Russia, Constantine, the most dangerous frog in the world, and the number one most wanted criminal, escapes from prison to carry out a dastardly scheme. As they get swept up in the magic of performing for sold out crowds Kermit is framed and made to look like Constantine, and is hauled off to Russia to assume Constantine’s place in prison while Constantine pretends to be Kermit so he can execute his plan. The Muppets are left to save their beloved leader, and learn a valuable lesson about friendship and valuing the people in your life.

True to Muppet form, the movie was filled with tons of big name celebrities, ranging anywhere from cast member to cameo. Many of the celebrities involved in the film gave great performances that kept you laughing at the witty humor of the script. Some of the star studded cast includes:  Ty Burrell as the bumbling Interpol Officer, somewhat reminiscent of Steve Martin in The Pink Panther remakes and Tina Fey as the Russian prison guard who just wants a solo. This movie has so many cameos that I couldn’t keep count of them all, perhaps even more than the previous film, and with each new celebrity it was always a good laugh when their character was introduced. If anything the thing that this movie did better than the first was intergrating the celebrities into the cast, as opposed to the first where most of the cameos they just popped into the film for a few seconds as themselves, which wasn’t as comical as how they were written into the story line in the sequel. The cameos and celebrity cast provided a lot of the humor in the film, which was full of great witty jokes, funny puns, and overzealous musical numbers.

Muppets Most Wanted  almost immediately starts the movie with a musical number. There were definitely some pretty hysterical songs in this sequel, but I do have to say the songs in the previous movie were definitely a bit more catchy and melodic. In The Muppets the songs were more likely to be the ones to get stuck in your head, and maybe even the ones you would listen to on your iPod just because it was that good. The first film even had a song that they sang more than once to open and close the film, Life’s a Happy Song, that you just couldn’t help but sing along to. Muppets Most Wanted has some pretty funny songs, particularly: We’re Doing a Sequel, I’ll Get You What You Want, and the Interrogation Song, but the musical highlight for me was not an original song, but when the prisoners sang End of the Road by Boyz II Men. For me, the musical numbers and sketches have always been what makes the Muppets comical, and there were some superb musical numbers and some subtle nods to old sketches from the classic Muppet Show in this film.


Muppets Most Wanted had some slower moments and less of the actual Muppets, where the first film had a more solid story line with more laughs packed in and more screen time for the beloved original characters. I truly enjoyed this film, but it left me wanting more of the Muppets and some more cheesy laughs like in the first. I still remember seeing The Muppets in theatres, and I left with that perfect fulfilled feeling of knowing that the movie deserved my ten dollars. It was so comical that I was laughing pretty consistently throughout the film; however in the sequel, while it had a generous amount of humor, something about the musical numbers weren’t quite as humorous as the first movie, and it left me wanting a bit more of the feeling that the first movie left me with. I think what may have been missing was the purposeful overacting and the cast poking fun at the obvious cheesiness of the jokes and songs.

Muppets Most Wanted was enjoyable to watch and it had it’s own solid performance. While the sequel still had some of the purposeful overacting and did some poking fun of itself, it didn’t have quite the same feel, but was still a worthy follow up to The Muppets, especially because of Constantine’s voice, voiced by Matt Vogel. Every time Constantine would speak and try to talk like Kermit it had me in stitches laughing. Overall, it is definitely worth a trip to the movies for a night of family friendly fun and light hearted humor. I give Muppets Most Wanted 3.5 out of 5 Nerd Skulls

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