Creepshow Retrospective


Deathlocker returns this week with more brilliant horror franchise chitty chit chatter.  So grab those Chicken McNuggets, your favorite beverage, kick back, and turn up the volume because Mr. Hobo Socks and gang have a lot to say.  Well I guess not really a lot to say.  Hell half these idiots have not even seen all three movies, I mean they had one job and two weeks to prepare, just watch three movies.  Bloody fuck-mas, uggg, well there is really nothing else being posted by this site and I guess you get what you pay.  There are worst ways to kill some time and brain cells so hit the link below or listen with your favorite podcast app.

Deathlocker – Episode 16: Creepshow (1, 2 & 3) retrospective

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A Southern California kid who grew up on a Powell Peralta skateboard and Bad religion. I have always had an infinity for pop culture and see myself as a huge horror nerd. Retired Navy, I now spend my free time yelling at kids to get off my lawn while eating Chicken McNuggets and smelling my collection of HoBo socks.