Movie Review – This Means War


I’ve been in a rut. As a female, I naturally like romantic comedies, and I have been sorely disappointed in the films from this genre that have been coming out for a couple of years now. I have been itching for a good romantic comedy to make me fall in love with the guy that the main girl falls in love with, and This Means War finally filled that void. As an added bonus, I got to fall in love with two guys!

Let’s get to the best part of the film first: The EPIC bromance. I can appreciate a good bromance, and this was definitely one of the best I’ve seen. The chemistry in this film was not about Reese Witherspoon and who she felt stronger feelings for; it was really about the strong bond between these two men and the woman who could possibly come between them. I was more concerned about the possibility of Reese coming between their friendship than I was about which one she’d choose.

You know how every single chick flick always goes the same way when a girl has to choose between two guys? There’s always the guy who’s obviously not for her and then the guy the audience should obviously be rooting for. The great thing about this film was that it was actually kind of hard to predict who would get the girl. I could see why it would be a difficult task to figure out which guy was the right one, instead of feeling like I was forced into choosing one guy over the other because the screenwriter couldn’t find any other way to create conflict.

One of my favorite things to look at in films lately has been cinematography, and I have to say I have never seen a more beautiful romantic comedy. Every set was beautifully lit. I particularly enjoyed watching anything in the CIA location because it felt so official. It definitely set the mood for all the recon work the dueling spies did in their attempts at winning over the girl. And I have never seen Reese Witherspoon look more beautiful. If you go see this film, I implore you to pay particular attention to the scenes in which she is so perfectly back-lit that her hair just glows and becomes what I can only refer to as a golden halo. She looks like an absolute angel. This movie gets an easy 5 out of 5 Nerdskulls from me.

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