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We Will Rock You. We are the Champions. Somebody to Love. Radio Ga Ga. Bohemian Rhapsody.

I find it really difficult to meet someone over the age of 10 who doesn’t know at least one of these songs. I blame sporting events and the Mighty Ducks. So when I asked my older son to go see Bohemian Rhapsody with me he said “That’s that Weird Al song right?” and while I’m not sure if that is a win or a fail I was glad that he would recognize at least one song in the movie. Bohemian Rhapsody is the story of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the legendary band Queen.

(NOTES: “RS” is me, “ES” is my 10 year old)

RS: Did you enjoy the movie?

ES: Yeah, a lot. There was really good music and I learned a lot.

RS: What was your favorite song in the movie?

ES: We are the Champions. It makes me feel invincible.

RS: I like that. Did you have a favorite part of the movie?

ES: The concert at the end.

(side note- the last 20 minutes or so of the movie is a recreation of one of their most memorable times on stage and it’s amazing.)

RS: YES! I love that they included that. You said before that you felt like you learned a lot. What did you learn?

ES: I know a lot more about AIDS now. I know you worked helping people with HIV and AIDS with your old job but i didn’t really understand that it was a disease. It’s really sad that he had it. Can people still get it?

RS: Sadly, yes. There is no cure for the disease but medicine has come a long way in creating treatments. It’s not enough, but there are a lot of really smart people who are still working on it. Let’s switch it up and talk about something a little lighter… what was your favorite outfit that Freddie wore in the movie?

ES: I liked that weird white jacket that was like a dress. What was yours?

RS: I really liked the lizard jacket he wore to the meeting.

ES: Yeah, that’s a really good one too. It’s nice that he was able to be himself and his band still accepted him. I’m not sure I could dress like that.

RS: I suppose it helps a bit when you’re a rock star. Do you think you’d see the movie again?

ES: Oh, yeah! We should bring Dad!

RS: But not your little brother? (MS is 7 years old)

ES: Hmmm… I dunno… there was a lot of bad cursing. It might not be appropriate.

(side note- there is a bit of cursing and one “F bomb” that really stood out but otherwise not a whole lot more than in any given Marvel movie)

RS: How about the music? Do you want to start listening to more Queen? Were you surprised by how many of their songs you actually knew?

ES: I really liked it. There was stuff i knew but there was also a lot of songs that I hadn’t heard before. I hope they make  sing-a-long version of the movie.

RS: That would be a ton of fun! Thanks for going to the movie with me!

From the standpoint of a fan of Queen it was really great to see so many background moments. The entire cast does an amazing job playing the parts of real people- some of whom were even on set from time to time.

Brain May and Gwilym Lee

As a mom, it was so great to share this story with my kid, and not just for the music. There are so many wonderful teachable moments in the movie, like how to treat your family, how to ask for help when you need it, knowing when it’s best to walk away, and that even the most legendary of people still have to say ‘I’m sorry’ from time to time. I would absolutely see it again, and plan on taking the whole family next week.

For those concerned about the “sex, drugs, rock & roll” aspect of the movie, know that only the Rock & Roll is shown with any great detail, the drugs are spoken of, and there is only kissing between Freddie and any of the other characters. There are 2 scenes where sex is eluded to but nothing is seen.

Here is the trailer for you to check out and if you haven’t seen it before or it’s just been a while- here is the opening credits of Wayne’s World. not only did it make Bohemian Rhapsody a hit from Queen all over again but it is also an important moment to be aware of before going to see the new movie.

A very enthusiastic 5 NerdSkulls from this Mama and her boy.


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