Toy Review: Talking Star Wars Plush Clip-ons


There are a lot of Star Wars products on the planet. They make up what is most likely the top collectibles sold in relation to television and film. Companies are always trying to find new and interesting concepts to try to market their products. The main goal is to make as much money as possible while using the least amount of resources in making the product. Because of this, you have a tendency to find a lot of so-called “collectibles” that are sub-par in quality. Thankfully I don’t need to review a sub-par product today. I received from Underground Toys, one of Nerdlocker’s great friends, two of the four clip-ons in the Talking Plush collection. I will be reviewing both of them here.

The Wicket Taking Plush
The Chewbacca Talking Plush

The great thing about these is they are not high-tech; they are essentially only a clip-on stuffed animal that when squeezed produce an accurate sound from the films. These things are, simply put, cute. They are more of a comic representation of the characters from the films, which is not distracting, rather it is a little refreshing. They have the tendency to keep you looking at them, wanting to squeeze and listen, over and over again. Although only slightly resembling the characters in the films. Both of these clip-on’s are remarkable in their own right. Wicket is the closest of the two to the original.

The thing I noticed first were the eyes. Just like in the original films, they are beady, and capture that freaky stare that the Ewoks had, before they added blinking to them for the Blu-Ray release recently. Chewbacca and Wicket’s voices are expertly captured and broadcast really loud when their belly is pressed. Their noses and eyes are made of plastic. Wicket also wears his signature head gear. Overall, even though I am not an Ewok Fan, he was well captured. Chewbacca has his signature Ammunition belt.

My nephew, Quinn, who was over when I was opening the toys, instantly fell in love with Wicket. Snatching him from my hands, I had to fight to be able to look at it, and check it out. I figured it may be a good testing phase, once I had given up trying to wrestle it away. Giving him a good hour with Wicket, and Chewbacca, they both surprisingly held their own against the torture of an 18-month-old toddler. The plastic clip, connected to the heads of the figures by a thick thread, refused to come off under the stress of his constant tugging and swinging. The clip itself is a plastic that is well made and formed. It springs closed every time and also has a high strength. It takes quite a bit of force (LOL) to pull it apart.

Overall, although they only slightly look like their main characters, these clip-ons are a great purchase for the fans out there. Clip them on your jacket. Clip them to the rearview mirror of the car. Clip them to your back-pack. Where these things can be clipped to is limitless. They instantly are recognized as who they represent, and people will respect them, once they get done pressing their bellies getting them to talk. I personally will be getting the Darth Vader Plush, as well as the Yoda plush, to send to my brother-in-law in Afghanistan as a good luck charm to him and his unit. The packaging for them is simple, three twist ties hold them to a cardboard backing. These things get one of my highest seals of approval to date.

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