The Interview: The Forbidden Movie Reviewed!!


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I find it funny that on the same day The Interview and American Sniper are being released and it’s The Interview that is seen as the inspiring symbol of freedom. I realize it’s all a matter of circumstance, but you have to appreciate the irony.

The InterviewFrom the creators of This Is the End comes (apparently) the most controversial film in recent memory, The Interview. From the unabashed minds of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; did anyone expect a truly severe “attack” on the crazy-ass supreme (burrito) leader? I think when North Korea was having a conniption fit over the JOKES made at their expense they failed to realize that quite a few groups and countries get made fun of. I realize wanting the North Karazy-eans to calm the fuck down is the equivalent of asking their government to feed their own people; apparently it’s not going to happen, ever. All this malarkey due to a lack of a sense of humor (and reality); holy shit you couldn’t make this up if you tried. Crazy is as crazy does… I guess. They are seriously Bond villain crazy. Anyway, on to the movie itself…

The Interview2Dave Skylark (James Franco) is a well-known television interviewer; well-known but not exactly respected. It might be due to the content he craps out. To his defense most television these days is garbage so… yeah. Aaron Rapaport (Seth Rogen) is Skylark’s producer and he’s beginning to not feel so professional showcasing interviews with topics like inter-species erotica (If you know this reference, you’re the bee’s knees!). When things are at their most stagnant, Skylark gets wind that Kim Jong-un is a big fan; he has the bright idea to attempt an interview with the craziest son of a bitch on God’s green earth. In an unprecedented move the supreme burrito agrees to the interview. The overwhelming opinion of the U.S. over this interview is one of disapproval; the CIA however sees this as their best… scratch that… only option of putting that psycho in the ground. These two idiots, and they are idiots, are being trusted with the most dire mission this side of killing Osama Bin Laden. I think you can guess that things will not go according to plan. And thus, hilarity ensues.

The Interview4It’s a Seth Rogen comedy. If you know his past works then you have a pretty good idea what items will be checked off here. It’s not a reinvention of the wheel, but dammit I have to admit it’s funny as all hell. It hits the usual tropes but with such great chemistry between Franco and Rogen this takes the old tricks and makes them feel fresh. I think without these two in the movie it might still work but it would be far more forgettable. They bring the bromance they created in Pineapple Express back, and eight years later it’s still magic. I laughed, I cried, I peed a little (TMI) and at the end of all this (I’m assuming it’s the end; fingers crossed) I can say it’s a success. And after Sony saying it won’t be released then it will, it won’t, it might, I don’t know… I got to watch it at home avoiding pandemonium at the highly overpriced movie theater; and it was only six dollars to boot! I think this is a win for ‘Murica!

The Interview5Rated R For: pervasive language, crude and sexual humor, nudity, some drug use and bloody violence
Run Time: 112 minutes
After Credits Scene: No
Starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Lizzy Caplan (Yummy), Randall Park, Diana Bang
Directed By: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Story: 3/ Acting: 3.5/ Directing: 4/ Visuals: 4.5
OVERALL: 4 Nerdskulls

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