Internet Explorer 9 Released

Internet Explorer 9 is back and has a lot to flaunt.


Internet Explorer 9

For those who have chosen to stay loyal to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser, good news has reached your doorstep. Internet Explorer 9 has moved out of release candidates and been made officially available for any and all to download. The question is, have they made enough significant upgrades to the browser that it will be relevant again to the general public.

In addition to the complete over haul to the look and feel of the interface, IE9 comes with quite the performance boost. Microsoft has implemented a new way for the browser to accelerate your computers hardware using your GPU. That basically means smoother online games and better quality video streaming. Not to mention far more support for HTML5. With other additions like Windows 7 Supported Application Shortcuts, an Add-On Performance Advisor and speed boosts that could make your head spin, Internet Explorer 9 is definitely worth a second glance. Don’t take our word for it though, try it out for yourself by going to their download site.

What browsing experience do you prefer? Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari? Tell us in the comments section below.

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