Holy Special Screenings, Batman!


So you want to see the highly anticipated prologue for The Dark Knight Rises? And you can’t wait ’till the December 18 release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol? Well a week ago I would’ve said that you’d need to do some big favors for the production staff to maybe get a sneak or a link, and you totally would’ve shared it with me too. Not to worry, because the viral site Operation Early Bird has come to the rescue and is showing what is believed to be sites and dates for special screenings of the prologue for TDKR. Now, being that we’re based in Las Vegas and they aren’t showing a screening in our wonderful city, plans are being made to see if Nerdlocker can get to one of these screenings. I’m not promising anything since most of us have day jobs to fund our crime fighting oper – I mean drinking habits, but we’ll get you guys the best information as soon as it comes to us.

Who’s excited to see a Bane-Batman beat-down? Let us know what you guys want to see in the final installment of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy!

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