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Hello friendos! Fantastic Fest 2015 is creeping up on us and I’m freakin’ pumped! Last year was my first time attending and it was the best week of the year; 8 days at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar in Austin packed with dozens of screenings and crazy-unique events. The programming is eclectic, the vibe is electric, and it’s the least pretentious film festival I’ve ever attended. It’s like movie camp for adults–with alcohol!

If you’re not familiar with Fantastic Fest, my coverage of last year’s festival details the events from the perspective of a first-timer. It’s basically a ton of fun shit you don’t wanna miss out on if you like movies in the slightest.

Fantastic Fest 2015 runs from September 24th to October 1st. Fan Badges, Daytime Only, and Second Half are all available but are going quickly.

Check out Chris Bilheimer’s poster and the full press release:

“We are officially 49 43 days away from Fantastic Fest 2015, and that means a couple of things: a) we have a lot of updates for you dear FFers and b) we’re all pretty close to mushroom clouding from excitement. Let’s dive in!
We announced our first wave of programming, and it’s, if we may say so, something of a miracle. You know who’s coming to Fantastic Fest? KURT RUSSELL, THAT’S WHO. (And hell’s coming with him.) Yes, BONE TOMAHAWK is our closing night movie, and Russell is attending along with co-star Matthew Fox. We’ve also got a retrospective of Turkish genre cinema and a programming series curated by none other than Nicolas Winding Refn! All that and a bunch more – get the details HERE.
We also announced our annual bumper competition this week, so those of you who are filmmakers or just lovers of whimsy, get on board. This year’s theme is tied in with our Turkish programming, and it’s called REMAKE, RIP-OFF, RAMPAGE!!! We want you to remake your favorite film or television property, but you have to use children, the elderly, pets or people in full-body costumes. See, whimsical! You can win two grand and see your 30-second bumper onscreen before a Fantastic Fest film – get the scoop HERE.
The Fantastic Market industry credential deadline is looming – all applications must be in before August 15th! We’ve received all previously submitted applications and are in the process of reviewing them. And stay tuned, because Fantastic Market programming announcements will be made very soon. Apply for your Market industry credentials HERE.
MondoCon has announced their lineup and exclusives for 2015! Find out more HERE.
Live in Austin? Have a couch? Want to be part of the Fantastic Fest fam? Volunteer to put up a Fantastic Fest 2015 filmmaker HERE.
And if you’re interested in volunteering to work the festival, you can get all of that info HERE. Our mandatory volunteer info sessions are coming up this month!
Fantastic Arcade programming announcements will be made very soon – make sure you’re on the list to receive updates HERE.
And we’ve still got badges on sale: Fan badges, Daytime Only and Second Half are all available. Get yours HERE, and hurry!
Finally, we’re excited to announce our continued partnership with Silvercar. For all of you out-of-towners, you can rent a posh, brand-new Audi for only $40/day with the discount code FFEST2015.
See you in just under fifty days! Isn’t that fantastic?”

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