Andrea Remembers Fantastic Fest 2013

 Andrea Remembers Fantastic Fest 2013

Fantastic Fest 2013 was a blast. Check out me with all my new friends!

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Andrea Schultz

I’ve been nerding out with these guys since 2013, when I’d decided women needed a bigger voice in the poster and arts industry. There are plenty of women artists, but the audience is primarily men. Women are often stuck with box store art pieces or pinterest-fails (because let’s be honest, following directions and common sense is hard to come by at your local craft store). I prefer to view the world around me before I go abroad. I love to enjoy a little bit of everything, but my world is built around my family. I knit, cook, craft, appreciate basic mechanics, read, drink, cuss, and love eating barbeque. I’m hard-headed, passionate, and I tell the truth ‘n’ shame the devil. Being raised with Hawaiian generosity in the Land of the Midnight Sun has taught me that family is what you make it, and that no one leaves my home empty. We’re all a bunch of misfits in a wild world, and kindness is free.