Nerdlocker Exclusive! – Fantastic Fest 2011!

Great news fellow Nerds! We have a man on the ground at Fantastic Fest 2011 in Austin, Texas! We here at Nerdlocker are huge fans of the Alamo Drafthouse (again, can’t wait for that Las Vegas franchise!) and feel extremely lucky to have Nerdlocker superfan Aaron Rainbolt writing articles for us. So without further ado, here’s what’s going on at Fantastic Fest!

Here are the details on the AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON screening with Rick Baker & poster from Olly Moss (art will be revealed at the screening):

Info on the show page link below, but in case there are questions, tickets are on sale this morning at the boxoffice. They will be sold only at the box office (onsite) today and tomorrow, not online. They are open to all badgeholders (VIP and Regular) for purchase at $65. The ticket includes a limited edition screen printed poster by Olly Moss and the screening with Rick Baker in attendance. Click here for more details about the screening.

The line to get tickets this morning when I arrived at 10:20 was only 50 people back. As I stood in line I recognized a few people from other websites and blogs, also poster artist Jay Shaw (Iron Jaiden) was online waiting for tickets to this amazing collaboration. The line moved rather quick and I was able say hello to a few managers running the FF this year, but was hurried to purchase my tickets and move along.

The growth of the fantastic Fest has had it’s growing pains but I think they got the online ticketing kinks fixed from last year and we are cooking with gas.

I was able to pick our movies from the selection once logged in with our Fantastic Fest badge numbers. It even gave you a link to log out so the next person in your party could log in and order their tickets if needed.

Day one of Fantastic Fest 2011. So far things are going smooth.

Keep checking back because we have a lot more to come!

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