Nerdlocker Exclusive! – Dark Knight Rises On Set Pictures!


One of Nerdlocker’s fans, Kelly, happened to be in Pittsburg when they were filming Dark Knight Rises.  Below are some pictures and a brief description of the fight scene she saw being filmed.

On Sunday, July 31st, we were able to watch filming from the opposite street corner, but were threatened with “forcible removable” if we took any sort of recording. I saw the Batmobile’s motorcycles parked on the street opposite of Carnegie-Mellon University’s campus. There were also (at least) three Batmobiles for filming. The scene I watched being shot was on the front steps of a CMU building. The academic hall looks like a courthouse and set designers placed a “Gotham City Hall” sign in front of the building. Actors practiced a fight scene on the steps of the building for at least fifteen minutes and then began filming. There were at least fifty extras dressed as Gotham City police officers or thugs with dark colors, heavy layers, and guns. Before shooting, the crew began to run a snow machine to change Pittsburgh’s sunny 90 degree day into a winter wonderland (I’m not sure what they’ll do about the green, leafy tree in front of the building). Batman joined the fight scene about ten seconds into choreography, making his way up Gotham City Hall’s front steps and throwing punches at Bane. I watched the scene being filmed at least three times. It consisted of the police fighting thugs through all of shooting, with Batman and Bane later to fight up the steps and Batman dodging behind a pillar on the top step.

Extras for the prison break scene wearing their Gotham City Correctional Facility jumpsuits and matching orange sneakers.

Batmobile. Appears camoflage in person. There were multiple Batmobiles on set (at least three) and at least two of the motorcycles that drove out from the Batmobile in the “Dark Knight.”

There were multiple fake Gotham City News trucks on the set to help with filming on Saturday. Possibly for reporters covering the prison break? The fake news vans were fully decked out in Gotham City liscense plates.

Extras for the prison break scene filmed on Saturday, July 30th. The extras hung around in the shade near the University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning in between takes.

Shooting on the Carnegie-Mellon University campus.  The crew was filming a prison break scene on Saturday, July 30th.  Shooting culminated in a massive fight scene on the steps of a university building.

A very special thanks to Kelly and her ability to look the threat of “forcible removable” in the eye and stare it down! Please don’t go stepping on Superman’s cape though!

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