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The longer I watched Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers” the longer I had the feeling I’ve seen this before. And I have. The director of “Kids” & “Gummo” really didn’t expand the visual storytelling of four women who head to Florida for Spring Break to escape their dull lives. It seemed to me of a long episode of the 1980s show, “Miami Vice” but with less substance.

Korine tries to emulate Michael Mann, who famously sold the look and feel of Florida crime with the Miami Vice series, neon, fast boats, drugs, guns, and women in bikinis lounging around pools and armed guards.

tumblr_mi2rl6Gxlm1rqdh12o1_500Instead of dynamic characters, we get teenage girls who do bong rips while watching My Little Pony. They drink outside of corner stores singing to Britney Spears, remorseless to crimes committed just to get to Florida and party with heavy drinking and illegal drugs. Disney Princesses Gone Wild.

Spring Breakers also does the modern day homage of Scarface, the thirty-year old film that glorifies drug dealing, disregard for humanity , and doing anything for the almighty dollar, or known as The American Way. Why does Kormine keep hitting these notes? Is it easier to plug in references to other people’s work than put something on film of substance?

James Franco as Alien,  reminds me of the creepy character from True Romance, Drexl Spivey, the drug dealer who is the portal to drugs, crime, and escape from reality. He assists the women in their crimes with cute pink outfits, which brought to mind the ladies from “Sugar & Spice”. The ladies cruising through a coastal village in scooters is very similar to the video for “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons.

This film had me bored and disturbed throughout, with the needless zoom shots of female crotches, repeated music-video slow motion sequences of people drinking along with the nudity. The creepy factor didn’t help to stress a character or mood, it was repeated over and lost its sting. The movie felt like an amateur stab at a modern-day version of the film, “True Romance”.spring-breakers-SB_MM_03278_rgb

I have nothing vested in the lead characters. Beyond their greed, there is nothing told further of these ladies. How can a film written about four ladies be so off on telling their stories? The closest to remorse is shown is by Faith, who has a concerned look on her face while her friends pantomime how they robbed people with such delight. Before the big battle at the end is this phone call moment, of realization. But alas, that echoes a scene of Crockett calling his ex-wife in the first episode of Miami Vice.

The most disturbing visual to me isn’t Selena Gomez holding up a scribble of a penis with the words “Spring Break Bitch” to her face, rather a bonding musical moment to the music of Britney Spears.

In summary, I can not support this hollow attempt at filmmaking. The director tried to used shortcuts to set the scene, uninteresting characters to make a “Quentin Tarantino-sequence” road trip to accomplish nor learn anything. You have seen this before and are not missing anything by skipping Spring Breakers.

I give this movie 1 out of 5 nerdskulls.

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